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Jul 24, 2013 02:50 PM

Le Creuset Outlet Stores

I'm going to Portland next week and I noticed there's a Le Creuset outlet store 30 minute south (in Woodburn).

Has anyone been to an LeC outlet store? Is it worth the effort to make the trip? How were the prices? I don't have an immediate need for anything at this point in time, would just like to look for some items/colours I can't find in Canada.

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  1. We have one here in Houston and I've bought a couple of things there.

    I thought the prices were good compared to elsewhere and online.

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    1. re: DoobieWah

      Definitely worth checking out! I was recently at the one in Niagara Falls, NY and there were seconds as well as first-rate items. All were well-priced (discounted), plus there was an additional 30% off select colours and/or pieces, and other promotions going on. The selection (both range of items and colour options) was absolutely amazing - far better than what I've seen in a department store or specialty store. That said, living in Toronto, we don't have a LC store, so selection at any given department or specialty store is never all that mind-blowing to begin with. Anyhow, I picked up a perfect condition "second" braiser in red at less than $100 the going retail rate! Couldn't be happier.

    2. I was just in one up in Maine and the prices did not seem that great. If they are having a sale, it's a much better deal. You can also find some discontinued pieces/colors but the selection varies from store to store.

      Hopefully you are driving or can carry on if flying. Any shipping charges certainly negate any savings if it is one of the heavier pieces.

      1. Hi, c_s:

        If you're driving down, there is a LC outlet in Marysville/Smokey point in Washington.

        The outlets have decent prices (compared to the brick-and-mortar retailers), but you're somewhat limited to seconds/discontinueds/phase-outs.


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          I'm flying from Calgary to Portland, then driving back up towards Seattle, staying a few days, then driving back to BC to catch the flight home. If Marysvale is between Seattle & Abbotsford, BC, it may be a possibility!

        2. we have one.. I got my dutch oven there for 75.00 .. it is also good for odds and ends like pot lids and such

          1. I have found much better prices at department store sales.

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            1. re: Tripper

              The outlet stores are sort of hit or miss. When they have what you want on sale - woo hoo!

              I got a smokin' good deal on a teapot I wanted once. All colors where the same price too and they were firsts, not seconds.

              1. re: Sid Post

                Yes they are hit or miss. Depends on timing of color discontinuation, etc.

                I have had a few seriously great hits though. A slightly scratched 7 qt french oven in a discontinued color for $75.