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Jul 24, 2013 01:51 PM

Current Best-of-everything in or Near Jackson Heights.

So, moving to JH.

What are the latest standouts..........or classics you've tried RECENTLY that have been excellent?

This can include:

1) Restaurants
2) Bars
3) Food/drink stores.

Anywhere to avoid? Any other hints about eating and drinking in Jackson Heights?

Include in your answer "East woodside, North Elmhurst, West corona"....i.e. walking distance from the Roosevelt Avenue subway.

Many questions here: the most recent one like this is
But more than a year old.

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  1. Bars? Hope you habla espanol

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    1. re: AubWah

      or, go a couple neighborhoods over if you Shuō zhōngguó

    2. Welcome to JH. These places are centered around my home, 83rd and Roosevelt.
      Pollos a la brasa Mario: Terrific grilled chicken, and bbq. When it's 95 out, ya get a chicken, they cut it up, a side salad and you've got dinner. Several locations. Eat in as well
      La Fusta, Baxter Ave near Bway.. Superb Argentine steak house, great sangria, and the house watercress salad is divine. Tons of chimichurri to go with.
      Sweet Yummy House- Broadway superb szechuan. They must start cooking the order for delivery as the order is being written it arrives so fast.
      Uncle Zhou, Broaday also great Chinese, recently had a TV review so kinda busy now. but really good.
      Ayada Thai... great, worth a trip if you don't live close by. highly regarded by CH
      Chao Thai also wonderful, tho small, they deliver see CH ref.
      Nusara Thai, wonderful, they have the best duck salad IMO
      Mango Rico greengrocer 82nd Street. A fine assortment of greens and produce.
      Mi Tierra Hispanic grocery Roosevelt ave. and 85th street, wonderful produce and other hispanic items.
      This is a start for you ....

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      1. Ayada serves world class Thai food. Uncle Peter's is the best restaurant in Jackson Heights. Alchemy is gaining traction as a major player in barbeque-land. And for dessert, Cannelle's pastries are flawless. Unfortunately, I have never found a great Indian restaurant here.

        1. Welcome to JH!
          1) Thakali Kitchen is great for Nepalese/Tibetan
          Ayada for Thai (for the food)
          UFO Chicken for Korean Fried Chicken
          Rahjbag Sweets for vegetarian indian lunch
          Spicy Shallot for thai (for the atmosphere/cocktails)

          2) Terraza 7 (40-19 Gleane St Elmhurst) also has music and great sangria
          Amaru (84-13 Northern Blvd) for pisco sours

          3) Check out Farm Spot if you want to join a CSA and have access to great organic veggies and other local products from NYS farms (