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Substitution ideas for white wine in a dish

I want to make this dish for a friend. http://cuisine.co.nz/cuisine.nsf/reci...

The friend is pregnant and has been advised by her doctor to avoid all alcohol for the first trimester - even in long cooked dishes. I could cook something else but she loves olives and lamb and is very excited at the thought of this dish.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could use as a substitute for the 300ml of white wine in the recipe?

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  1. Maybe some of the brine from the nicoise olives and juice from the tomatoes. Both are flavorful liquids.

    1. white grape juice, or chicken broth

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        I vote for the chicken broth as well but would also add some grated lemon rind to the dish which is quite common in this regional cuisine.

      2. I think a light broth or stock would work. Simmer a stalk of celery, a carrot, and half an onion in some water for 30 minutes. You could also add any Provencal-y herbs you have handy (savory, fennel, basil, thyme)

        Probably water would even be fine. The white wine in this recipe is combined with onions, garlic, olives, and anchovies - I don't think that the taste of the wine is going to really shine through anyways.

        1. For that small amount chicken broth is a good substitute; i often use chicken broth in beef or pork braises (and no wine) to good effect.

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            Might also want to add a splash of vinegar or lemon juice because white wine adds some acidity.

          2. A good non-alcoholic white wine? If there is such a thing?

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              I have never tried it but i have heard good things about Fre wine

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                The white Fre is okay...the red, no, but I would go with miss_belle's suggestion because it's a pretty good amount of wine...what is that, a cup and a half, a little under? So to get the whiff of wine flavor, I'd use it.

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                  That's what I was thinking too. 1 1/4 c of white wine amounts to a goodly bunch of flavor.

                  Also, her friend can always have a glass of n/a wine with dinner while everyone else is drinking the good stuff. That way the rest of the bottle won't go to waste:-)

                  Thank you to you too suzigirl.

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                    except the flavor of most n/a wines is pretty terrible, so why add something that doesn't taste good to a lovely dish?

                    just use a light broth or stock and add some lemon juice as others have already mentioned.

                    it's nice of you to cook for a pregnant lady!

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                      I am a drinker of wine, not a cooker of it so I am not one to know if Fre tastes good when cooked, or any n/a wine for that matter but i think the winey smell and taste would be important to the finished flavors.
                      And feeling like you are participating with a n/a glass of wine sounds like a win and a way to use up the wine

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                        Ok, I've found a stockist of Fre so I will pick some up and taste it. If it tastes horrendous I'll choose one of the other suggestions.

                        Thanks to all who have helped with advice.

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                          Good. Sounds like the way to start. Maybe you can ask at the liquor store if they like one n/a over another. While I think the other posters are right on with adding acid to broth, it just won't taste like wine. It will be a fine substitute if the n/a wine is a bust. Happy hunting Frizzle

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                    I quite like a brand called Vino Zero.

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                    A replacement or a substitute is more like it. I have tried a number of them and most are mediocre.

                  4. I'd use chicken stock or water for the initial deglazing and add a bit of lemon juice at the end for acidity.

                    1. the wine itself should have all the alcohol gone, leaving just the flavor.

                      But......chicken broth preferably low sodium would work or a mirepoix type stock as suggested above...the splash of vinegar is a good idea

                      1. I would use stock with a little lemon juice. Adjust the lemon juice after adding the anchovies to balance.

                        FWIW, I dry roast tied lamb's leg. There are a few recipes out there involving olives without the wine as well.

                        1. An update to this.
                          The dinner has been postponed due to a family emergency of the guests. I did buy a bottle of the Chardonnay Fre. I had a wee tipple and found it to be a bit like grape juice. Slightly more winey but not much.
                          I think when I do make this for her I will use half or two thirds Fre, stock and some lemon. I think using all Fre would make the dish too sweet.

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                            I have tried this brand and found the Chardonnay too sweet but liked another white wine made by the same company.