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Rehearsal dinner ideas

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Hi, My cousin is having a wedding in Miami in February at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The bride's parents (my cousin is the groom) are hosting the wedding, so he would like to have his parents host the rehearsal dinner but they don't have a lot of money and so I'm trying to come up with some options for a stylish and fun dinner on a slim budget.

I would really appreciate suggestions on the following or any ideas chows might have.

1) Is there a place to have a clam bake or bbq on the beach? If I could find a beach locale and the right caterer, this might be great and more fun and less expensive than a restaurant.

2) What about other events spaces?

3) Any suggestions for a stylish and fun restaurant with great food that is less than $30 per person?


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  1. These people might be able to help you out - and they will know what beaches they can execute on.


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