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Jul 24, 2013 12:25 PM

Detroit dining downtown

I will be in Detroit next week and am looking for one really good meal. Staying in the Greektown area and probably going to Tiger's game that night so will be looking for a late lunch/early dinner. As always, want the best meal at any price point and any genre. Thanks.

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  1. Sweetwater Tavern. Best chicken wings west of Buffalo!

    1. The best meal I have had this year so far was a Roast.

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        Well now, the OP has a choice between lowbrow and highbrow. lol.

        1. re: jmax

          Think I am going to go with Roast. As a single diner I like to eat at the bar but do not want bar menu. Can you get full menu there? Thanks.

          1. re: bhoward

            You might give them a call, but I would be very surprised if you can't order from the full menu. The bar is right there in the dining room. Enjoy!

            1. re: Jim M

              I will call for sure. Thought someone may know. Thanks. Glad to hear that bar is in the dining room.

              1. re: bhoward

                The answer is a definite "yes" from Symon himself.

        2. I too am spending some time in Detroit, in my case over Labor Day. Plan to go to the Jazz Festival and catch a Tigers game. I was leaning towards the Rattlesnake Club for one dinner before a late Jazz Festival concert. I have had great meals there in the past and the view of the river and Windsor is really nice. Have two more dinners to plan and a few lunches. Thought about Slows for lunch and now that I see the postings...Roast. Hope more Detroiters offer ideas as it has been three or four years since I have been there.

          1. At any price? Roast. Let us plebeians know how it goes. I read Bourdain was there recently.

            1. Gyros at Golden Fleece in Trappers Alley. (providing it's still there, I haven't been back to Detroit in 10 years.)