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Jul 24, 2013 12:22 PM

Suggestions on my 3 day food list!

Visiting Austin in October with 3 of my friends and staying downtown.

About my restaurant list:

What restaurant should I go for lunch?
Where restaurant should I go for Supper?
Any restaurant below I should not bother going? or too far from downtown area and not worth the drive?

Franklin BBQ
Lamberts BBQ
John Muller BBQ
La Barbecue
Fogo de Chao
Uchi Sushi
Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Gourdough Donuts
Torchy’s Tacos
Papalote Taco House
East side kings
Veracruz all Natural Mexican
Hey! You gonna eat or What?


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  1. I would go to uchiko rather than uchi
    I would hit Qui
    East SIde Kings(it opens late)
    Forigne and Domestic( if you catch the bake sale on saturday morning bonus)(Their pastry chef was named one of the top five in the country last month)
    Ciscos ( for old school mexican)
    Skip Fogo( you can get it anywhere it is not "austin")
    Frankin get there early
    I would doTaco deli over torcy's
    Cazamance is amazing
    Gonzos( trailer with weird sandwiches and amazing smoothies)
    The Cuban Sandwich shop
    barley swine ( is pretty yummy)
    Sugar Mammas ( tourist like it because they won cucpcake wars- they are pretty good)

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    1. re: girloftheworld

      Thanks guys,

      So here's what i'm thinking:


      - Morning trip to Lockhart for some BBQ
      - Supper at East Side Kings


      Breakfast & lunch: Franklin (wait in line early morning)
      Afternoon snack: Gourdough
      Supper: Uchiko


      Breakfast: Taco Deli
      Lunch: La Condesa
      Supper: Qui

      Any other suggestions on to where we can go for late night drinks (pub and food)

      Sad to leave these behind...but im open to suggestions.

      -The Cuban Sandwich
      -Fonda San Miguel
      -El Naranjo

      1. re: Ottfoodie

        these come with a I have never been during late night drinking hours so I am not sure...

        Spider House Cafe-
        The Grackle( never been in but its in the parking lot with Eastside kings and where the kitchen staff I work with hang out with after work)
        Opal Divines

        alot of the food trucks open for the after hours crowd as well

        Casino El Camino - is one of our most famous late night places

        ohh I know you seem full but Mrs. Ps Electric Cock. I would skip on of your BBqs and go there

        1. re: girloftheworld

          Great suggestions, Ill definitely check out the Fried Chicken joint and the bars you mentioned.

          Im still debating if im skipping Lockhart since it is practically on my way from San Antonio. Ill need to put thoughts in to this.

          I guess I can go to Qui on Saturday and Uchiko on Sunday.

        2. re: Ottfoodie

          You should double check, but I don't think Qui is open on Sundays..

          Unless you just want to drive to Lockhart, you can have BBQ good, if not better in Austin. Franklins or Muellers.

          Barley Swine is really a great restaurant, so you shouldn't miss it. It's also not open on Sunday.

          1. re: topeater

            oh that is right QUi isnt open on Sunday.. Uchiko is though... Franklins is such a long wait that iI sometimes that it leads people to think it is better than it actually is... I think lamberts and mullers is just as good

            1. re: girloftheworld

              Though i respect your opinion on most topics, I have to say that you are the only person that i've read who thinks that Lambert's BBQ is in the same league as Franklin's.

              1. re: TroyTempest

                I am not a "line person" and I have fully admited to not being much of bbq person.. I think Muller's tastes about the same.. as Rudy's extra moist.. the only differnce I can realllllly tell is in ribs... and porkbelly..

                I know about looking for the smoke ring and all the buzz words... maybe I just havent developed the palett yet??

                I can tell bad dry maybe there is hope for me?

      2. I'd go to Stiles Switch rather than waiting all day at Franklins. Between your other BBQ places you wouldn't be disappointed but you really only need to hit Mueller or LA BBQ. Stiles is the more conventional option seeing as how they don't run out, etc. Hopdoddy isn't anything special and isn't worth going to at all. Fogo kinda sucks. I'd rather you go to VIA 313 for Detroit pizza and mix things up.

        1. skip lamberts, compared to the other bbq places on your list its horrible

          1. note on reservations: call and make them at uchiko
            you can walk in but on a Saturdaynight you will have a wait. QUi doent reservations so go early and you shouldnt have a problem walking in. East Side King does not open til "later"

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            1. re: girloftheworld

              @ Uchiko I make my reservation for when they first open, you can eat at the bar and do social hour, happy hour. Ignore my Spin recommendation the place is now closed.

              1. re: Rptrane

                damn, never even made it to spin. hope they reopen in Austin...

            2. I was at Qui on Thursday. Got there at 6pm (they open at 5pm). They had just seated everyone so we waited at the bar. We got seated about an hour or so later. By 8pm, there were several open seats & continued to have vacant seats when we left about 9pm. Don't know if that's unusual or what.

              I'll write a review later, but in all, I was no impressed by anything.

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              1. re: topeater

                We ate there a few weeks ago, and we still like Uchiko and Barley Swine better, but it was a lot of fun and we will go back. We arrived about ten minutes before 5:00 and were seated when they opened. Had a sampling of the small plates, and everything was pretty tasty. Really loved the cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich for dessert, though.