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Jul 24, 2013 12:21 PM

Monday Tuesday in Venice early September

So, doing some research I've found out that the 3 top restaurants I wanted to go to are closed on Monday... So that throws a wrench into my plans. Looking for predominantly Venetian food (seafood mostly) they were Antiche Carampane, Alle Testeire, and Corte Sconte. We are staying at Westin Excelsior in San Marco but don't mind walking all over and maybe getting lost. Also don't mind a snack on Monday for lunch (suggestion something quick and cheap) followed by some cicchetti and a dinner (suggestions needed for something open!)
Tuesday I am thinking a lunch at Corte Sconto and Dinner at Antiche Carampane. Thoughts!?

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  1. Also, any place you recommend for Risotto with go?

    1. Something quick and cheap for lunch in Venice. Go to one of the sandwich shops and get a fresh tuna sandwich or a prosciutto sandwich for one Euro. Or get both. The best tuna sandwich I have every had.

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          PBSF, I'm excited that you replied as I've read many of your posts and know you are the resident expert! But, the only thing that posted was "open Monday"

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            Sorry that I got interuppted. Open Mondays:

            Anice Stellato: good food, friendly service, simple ambience and located next to a canal in a wonderful quiet part of Cannairegio.

            L'Orto dei Mori: also on the quiet part of Cannairegio; more creative take on traditional Venetian cooking; nothing too far out. One of our favorites the past couple of years; we love the food, service and cozy ambience.

            Al Covo: more upscale, somewhat clubby but with excellent service; good menu choices and very good dessert.

            Boccadoro: might be the only excellent all seafood place that is open on a Monday. Beside the excellent seafood, the few outside tables on the small quiet campo is quite special. Inside is simple modern.

            Risotto with Goby: early September might be too early. If the fish is available, Fiaschetteria will offer it. We are usually in Venice in October and it appears in many places.

            Corte Sconta and Antiche Carampane on the same day: depends on how much seafood one can eat, how much time one wants to spend sitting in restaurants. The menus are very similar. If I were to choose one, definitely Antiche Caramapane though I have not been to Corte Sconta in a number of years.

            Cicchetti: places around the Riato market are not good on Mondays as much of the market is closed on that day. I would choice depending where I am: Al Prosecco in Castello for their prosecco and outside seats on a beautiful campo;

            La Cantina (a few outside tables), Alle Vedova or Ai Promessi Sposi if I am around the Strada Nuove; Cantina gia Schiavi if If I am in Dorsodoro; the bacaro of Trattoria da Fiore or better the front bar of Osteria San Marco if one is around P. San Marco.

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              Thank you thank you thank you for all that advice! I really appreciate it!

              I know that's a lot of seafood, but when in Venice.. Right? We will see how much sight seeing we can pack into Monday so Tuesday can be more or a "foodie" day!

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              You are staying in the Excelsior? Is it in the Lido. I don't remember coming across such a hotel near P. San Marco. Maybe it is the modern wing of the Danieli.

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                That was my mistake (this is part of a long trip in many cities so got the hotels confused). We will be at the Westin Europa and Regina. (Hope that's nice) any suggestions for a great espresso in that area? I'm guessing florian isn't that far but also a lot more expensive than a normal bar

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                  The Europa and Regina is ritzy, right on the Grand Canal. Nearby for good espresso (not great) are Rosa Salva on calle Fiubera, Marchini Time on Campo San Luca, Caffeteria Doria on calle dei Fabbri, one of my favorite is Caffe Brasilia on rio Terra Assassini (near Campo Sant'Angelo). The Museo Correr on Piazza San Marco has a wonderful cafe on the second floor with few window tables looking straight out to Piazza and Basilica. One of the great view anywhere. One does not need a ticket for the museum have a coffee or eat there.
                  For better espresso, visit the Rialto Market Tuesday mornings and have an espresso at the nearby Caffe del Doge on calle dei Cinque. The other Caffe dei Doge on the San Marco side uses the same coffee but for some reason, their espresso is not as good. Or if you are in Dorsoduro near Cp Santa Margherita, head for Pasticceria Tonolo (standup only, closed Mondays).