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Jul 24, 2013 11:53 AM

Brattleboro help needed

We will be staying in Brattleboro for a long weekend, attending the Marlboro Chamber Music Festival.

We already have reservations at Peter Haven for one night.
We would like suggestions for our other two nights - not fine dining, just casual. Prefer not Indian or Chinese; we get lots of that at home.

Is Gillie's still a good choice? Where else?

Thank you.

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  1. Sorry, didn't see my first message posted.

    1. Gillies is gone. Never thought much of the place. For great diner grub. Chelsea royal on rt 9 going out of West Brattleboro towards Marlboro. Shin La downtown for great Korean. Also downtown; Fireworks for Italian, Whetstone for pub grub. On Flat St, Humble Kitchen for AWESOME Banh Mi!

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        Thank you. Just the kind of info I needed.

      2. If smoked meats/BBQ run through your veins, consider Top of the Hill Grill. I stopped there last week and loved the quirky and unique atmosphere. It's order at the window/take-out, then sit at one of the tables among the trees and enjoy the view. Instead of calling your name/number when you order is ready, they give you a playing card. I was Queen of Diamonds.

        Had the burnt ends platter and as a smoker/BBQ'er myself, I couldn't have been happier. Lots of menu options.... not limited to meats.

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          At exit 1 at 91 there is a really nice local foods truck.

        2. Big thanks to everyone from me too, as I was about to post a similar request for our trip to Brattleboro (can't wait!!) this autumn. Any other suggestions gratefully received. Best coffee shop?

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            There are more places to get coffee in Brattleboro than you can shake a stick at. I've had the best coffee at Mocha Joes, good coffee at Amy's and The Tulip Cafe, OK coffee at the cheese shop (their machine can be finicky) and bad coffee at the coop. The Coop has good coffee prepared badly everytime I go there.

            Remember that most places in Brattleboro accept cash or local checks, so bring cash! to avoid ATM runs. The Elliot St Cafe and Elliot St Fish and Chips are both great casual places.

            The Whetstone has a great bar and patio, but the food is Meh and over priced.

            Tulip Cafe has some great Lebanese specials. Super wonderful grape leaves. The Humble Kitchen always makes me feel like I spent to much money and didn't get enough to eat.

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              In addition to the other suggestions, no one has mentioned Three Stones:

              I definitely recommend a reservation, and be sure they are open the night you want to go (they are open Wed-Sat). Excellent fresh prepared food, good ingredients, always interesting specials.