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Jul 24, 2013 11:48 AM

Search Engine problem 7/23/13 [resolved]

A few minutes ago, I got error message when I tried to find something using board specific search. There'd been no problems earlier in the day.

Now I've tried again and see that a new search display has been introduced with a menu in the left hand column. However, the only thing that happens is a spinning icon of a blender. It just churns and churns away and no results are delivered.

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  1. Same is happening for me as well.

    1. And while we're on the matter, I suggest using "Chowhound" instead of the generic "discussions" as a menu item.

      Why phase out the Chowhound brand?

      I like the prominence of the time period selection. Hopefully this will make the 12-month default more obvious and folks will change the option when needed.

      1. The new engine was a little slow to start. It's up and running now, and we'll have some release notes for you shortly.

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        1. re: Engineering

          As has been implied here, we have a new search engine that is launched as of today. See this discussion: