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Jul 24, 2013 11:41 AM

Favorite Gluten Free Bread / Baked Good Recipes?

For some reason or another, my BIL decided to go gluten free a few weeks back, and when he recently fell off the GF wagon, he felt demonstrably worse, so we're now thinking he must have some level of gluten sensitivity. Sister is now planning on making gluten free bread, pancakes, etc. for him since he's feeling better, but quite grumpy about the loss of bread and baked goods in his diet. I used to send baked goods over to their house every couple of weeks, and I would like to make things he can eat, too.

So of course I turned to my fellow chowhounders for help. I'd already been reading up on gluten free ingredients for my PC recipes, but now we have an urgent need for GF bread / baked good recipes. Any favorite recipes or websites for them? He's particularly grumpy about bread, but my sister is also interested in making flatbread, pita, naan, that sort of thing, and I'm anxious about cornbread because of Thanksgiving (I do the cooking). Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. This web site is excellent:

    I've got this one bookmarked for Thanksgiving actually:

    1. I have three recomendations for you:
      - Pamela's pancake mix makes great quick breads and muffins (banana bread,etc...) and pancakes, of course
      - Betty Crocker GF yellow cake mix makes great cupcakes
      - Chebe mixes for little puffy dinner rolls and frocaccia, etc...

      good luck

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        Ah, I should have specified, I am looking for recipes from scratch, not mixes, though I do appreciate the recommendations. My sister is very into nutrition, and is very particular about GMOs, organic food, etc. so she likes to make everything from scratch, sourcing all the ingredients herself. (I run everything by her before I send things over, sometimes she'll send over an ingredient she buys in bulk for me to make the baked good for them.)

      2. start your google with paleo... and that will work since they don't eat grains.

        i am low-carb/primal but stay away from faux versions of the foods that made me sick, so can't point to specific recipes, sorry. be careful, the stuff made with coconut or almond flours can be utter calorie bombs.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Oh dear, that's going to be a further problem. BIL is already on a diet. :(

          1. re: ePressureCooker

            it's very common when people give up wheat for them to try to find gluten-free versions, instead of just re-orienting the focus of their diet. i have eggs for breakfast almost everyday and haven't thought about having toast in years.

            he can have nuts, and since it's summer, a nice fruit crisp with a topping made of almond meal, some butter and brown sugar (or stevia) cannot be beat.

            am not sure why you're anxious about cornbread? corn is gluten-free, so polenta is a fine starch also.

            lots of recipes for olive oil/polenta cakes that are delicious and nigella has an excellent almond meal/clementine cake that works with other citrus too.

            occasionally i use tapioca or rice flour to coat foods that i fry and you can also work with chickpea flour for breads like socca.


            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Cornbread has both cornmeal and regular flour in it. It needs the wheat gluten (or some alternative) for structure.

              And thanks for the socca recipe, my sister loves chickpeas, buys them dried in bulk, so I'm sure she'll want to try that recipe ASAP!

              1. re: ePressureCooker

                der. sorry about the cornbread comment. i haven't made it in years, as you can tell. :)

                this looks good though:


                and here's another:


                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Yeah, I guessed. ;D But thankyou, I'm sure my sister will love the chickpea flour recipe, she loves garbanzo beans (a lot)!

                  And I'm looking over the cornbread recipes, too. Think I'm going to have to do a lot of experimentation before that I think about it, pie crust is going to have to be explored, too.

                  1. re: ePressureCooker

                    you can use nut flours as "crusts" too. perhaps not traditional, but i totally prefer them.

                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                      That's true, and I'm sure I could find a nut flour that would work well with my sister's favorite pecan pie. ;D

        2. Recipe with pics @ Whipping the batter is the key!