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Jul 24, 2013 11:38 AM

Cheap and healthy

I just moved and on a tight budget...what do you cook when you're strapped?

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  1. Noodles personally. There are a lot of eating on a budget threads already with some interesting ideas.

    1. Eggs and rice.

      Heck, I eat some combo of eggs and rice even when not "strapped".

      It's just good shit.

      1. Buy unprocessed ingredients - this strategy is summed up as "shop along the walls of the supermarket" - look for quick-sale mark downs in each area. In the middle aisles, stick with staples like beans and rice. The less prepared they are, the cheaper, so buy dry beans that you soak and cook at home, rather than canned.

        I make a large pot of soup every week, usually containing beans, lots of other vegetables, and a small amount of meat.
        I have soup with good bread or crackers for one meal every day. Dicing and deeply browning 4oz of kielbasa before adding onions, broth, and other soup ingredients will make 3 qts of meaty-tasting soup.

        1. Pasta, canned diced tomatoes, herbs, can't get much more frugal.