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Jul 24, 2013 09:55 AM

Good eats around Hunting Island

We get out to Hunting Island almost every other week, and there are a ton of little joints near the beach to stop for food. Burgers and seafood and shrimp etc. Are any of them worth stopping for?
We do stop for the great melons and tomatoes from 2 of the roadside stands on our way home, just wondering if any other stop is worth it. There are at least 2 retail fish markets also along the strip, has anyone bought from either of them? Good prices/great fish?

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  1. Have you tried Gullah Grub or Bluffton BBQ? There are a couple on mentions on here that you can search for.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Bluffton BBQ has another location close to St. Helena?

      I hope it's better than the one actually in Bluffton.

      1. re: JayL

        So...Bluffton BBQ is nearly 50 miles and almost an hour away.

        Do they have another location out toward Hunting?

        1. re: JayL

          Bluffton BBQ only has the one in Bluffton. Go figure.

      2. re: carolinadawg

        If I wanted to do a search of previous board discussions I wouldn't have posted.
        I'm at the beach and just want to know if anyplace along 21 leading to Hunting Island is worth a stop.
        Just looking for some choworthy stop. .

      3. Shrimp Shack has excellent (but ridiculously expensive for what they are) fried shrimp.

        Gay's seafood across from the Shrimp Shack has good local seafood (shrimp, fish).

        In Beaufort, Griffin Market (corner of Carteret and Craven I think; it doesn't have a sign) has outstanding Northern Italian food. Old Bull Tavern is a good gastropub with very good culinary cocktails.

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        1. re: lbamber

          Thank you so much for the info! I've passed Gay's seafood, also White Shrimp Co and another shrimping retail place. i'll bring a cooler next week and give Gay's a shot. I usually go to Russo's in Savannah, or Hudsons market on HH.

          Yesterday I didn't stop anywhere and was starving so I pulled into Capt. Mikes (?) on 170 in Okatie by the gas station and had a wonderful fried flounder sandwich with great coleslaw for 6.95!
          Thanks again for the recs! :)

          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            I'm not sure which direction you are coming from, but if you go through Port Royal, I can also recommend Suwan Thai (yes, amazing Thai food in Port Royal -- to be honest it's the best Thai food I've had in the southeast). Also, Fat Patties has excellent burgers (locally sourced meats) and milkshakes which can, ahem, be spiked.

            If you are coming from the west, Highway 21 Seafood before you get into Beaufort has the best selection, freshness, and prices on seafood that we've found anywhere in the area. It's a little trailer with coolers filled with ice and various seafoods. It's the only place I've ever found raw stone crab claws. Now if I can only figure out how to cook them so that the meat comes out more easily...

            Turning to markets, we have not been to White's seafood, but in addition to Gay's, Bradley's also has good shrimp. As an aside, the shrimp boat scenes in Forrest Gump were filmed outside Gay's.

            Finally, the Port Royal farmer's market on Saturday mornings is really very good. Good selection of veg, locally grown meats, seafood, a great local coffee guy, good bakeries, and some very good food stands (Chinese dumplings, BBQ, crepes, and pierogies).

            1. re: lbamber

              You are a wonderfully amazing source of good info! I've come into town both ways, and yesterday I saw Fat Patties, and wondered if it was just another 5 guys. Great to know. Also, I did see the little shack with all the white coolers lined up, but I was driving to the beach, and forgot to swing past on the way home.
              And the last very (maybe most) important bit you gave me is Suwan Thai.
              Thai is my fav, absolutely, and I have not had good Thai since I left Boston and DC. I can not wait to try them!
              I thank you again, this is why I still love this site. Yours is exactly the response any Hound would hope for.
              Milliones Gracias!! You have a new fan :)

              1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                Mostly I lurk here, so I am happy to be of help on a relatively obscure topic where I happen to have some experience. My disappointment with most Thai restaurants in the SE is that the food is one dimensional or far too sweet, or most often, both. Suwan falls into neither trap. The chef is Thai, and her husband runs the front of house. The reviews on Urbanspoon are spot on, with both the pros (food quality) and cons (sometimes slow service, as it is a two person operation). For this reason, we go at lunch or for early dinner.

                The lunch special green chicken curry is both delicious and good value. Deviating from the lunch menu specials can be expensive, but in my opinion the quality is high enough to warrant the hit to the wallet.

          2. re: lbamber

            I had better modify part of this recommendation. Gay's is good for shrimp, which is what we get 99% of the time. We have on occasion done well buying flounder or another type of fish that is likely to be local, when it looked fresh and they told us it was local. However, they do have some fish (and crab) that appears to have travelled a long distance, and we leave that alone.