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Jul 24, 2013 09:42 AM

Trade Joe's - Likely Coming to Burlington VT [moved from Quebec]

The chain wants to open a very large store just outside of Burlington VT but town counsel is still reviewing the impact on the local economy. Google it!

i would love it if they open. Great cereals.Pinapple salsa. BBQ sauces.

Sure beats driving to Wolf Rd!

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  1. That would be so amazing!! I hope it goes through, I've been waiting for TJ's to come somewhere close for over a decade!

    1. I agree with what others said in the Whole Foods thread, TJs is sort of a novelty for us when we travel to a city that has locations. They are ok for buying packaged stuff but I couldn't see myself being a regular for main staples if one came here or to VT.

      Burlington seems to be really careful with who sets up shop in town, they already have great independent grocery stores like City Market Co-op and Healthy Living Market that have amazing local and non local products, i.e. lots of locally sourced beef, chicken and pork. Don't forget their awesome Farmer's Market that sets up every Saturday, a real Farmers Market (that puts ours to shame) with multiple vendors of locally raised meats. BTW, there's one or two vendors that sells Berkshire pork for those that were looking for it in another thread.

      Anyway, I'm sure all these shops will have something to say about a TJ setting up shop there. I just found one of the local articles about it and they mention they are looking at a piece of land on Dorset Street which is the same street the Healthy Living Market is located on as well as a Hannaford.

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        Oh nevermind, I found a more recent article from last week that says TJs is a go in Burlington.

        1. re: JerkPork

          And right next to Healthy Living Market! It should be open by summer 2014.

      2. Aw, man, I will have one summer to enjoy the Burlington TJ's before we move to Ontario...but then I get to enjoy the Buffalo TJ's, so win-win all around really.

        1. Bummer. We REALLY need them in Southern VT big time.