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Jul 24, 2013 09:25 AM

Restaurant for parents' visit.

So, I have finally convinced my parents to visit us in Portland in the summer. I am forever singing the praises of my new home and would like to show my parents the best the dining scene has to offer. Lately, my husband and I have been frequenting smaller, ethnic restaurants and I am at a loss as to where to bring my parents due to their restrictions. I would like to show them PNW cuisine, but the menu needs to have a good mix. No seafood for Dad, no red meat for Mom, nothing too funky (they are from Connecticut), nothing with a long wait (they are older), and they will be here on a Monday and Tuesday. Any ideas?

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  1. I had a business dinner the other night at Veritable Quandary downtown, and it seems to fit your parameters. I was there on a Monday night and it was hopping, but they do take reservations (and the patio is pretty on a warm night although we liked our table just inside but with doors opened to the warm weather.)

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      Not a local but FWIW I would take parentals to Gruner or Nostrana based on your requirements. Firehouse is lovely and unique (not weird!) but may be too far for you (not sure where you're willing to drive to and where you're starting from). All these places seem to take local ingredients seriously, take reservations and are open Mon and Tues.

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        Thanks. I will check out Gruner. Should have also specified no Italian. Lots of that back east.

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        Thanks. Was thinking of VQ. I've been once and liked it very much. Any others that are similar to it? We like Meriwether's, but wanted something new.

      3. Nostrana, Basta's, Firehouse, Ava Gene's...oddly, all Italian, but they definitely fit your needs. Never have had a bad meal at any of them. Firehouse has a really beautiful outdoor seating area, if that matters.

        Also Country Cat, Lincoln, Little Bird...maybe even Levant (check the menu, some of the preps are a bit different, but ingredients overall are mostly familiar).

        Those recs cover most parts of the city, if location is an issue.

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          Thanks. I should have also specified no Italian. They gef lots of that back east.

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            I know the Firehouse menu skews Italian but honestly our meal there didn't feel Italian at all. The mains are just good, especially the pork!

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            My parents love the food at Country Cat, but find the seating to be uncomfortable.

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              Good point on the seating at CC.

          3. Wildwood is definitely a patent friendly operation. Creative but not too edgy and will have all meat bases covered as well as wood fired pizza, soups and salads (and kick ass onion rings).

            1. Olympic Provisions - might be a nice low key destination. I've only dined at the NW location and have enjoyed it very much.

              Gruner would be a great choice, too.

              1. A second vote for Wildwood. The last couple of meals I had there (including lunch yesterday with my MIL from CT) were was great.

                And the Italian at the likes of Nostrana is NOTHING like East Coast Italian - and my MIL agreed (we took her there for dinner last night).