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Jul 24, 2013 09:20 AM

Gorge (ous) Pork Shank last night!

Had one of my top dishes of the year (so far) at Gorge last night.
HUGE and delicious Pork Shank
From the menu:
Slow roasted, Sautéed turnips, Grilled romaine lettuce, Honey glaze

Also great
Poached wild French mackerel, Arugula, Parmesano reggiano, Rustic baguette

Pretty darn good
Sauteed fingerling potatoes, Choucroute, German mustard
(but not as good as BierBeisl).

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  1. Talk about a "stuffie" - Another pic with more caramelization of the shank showing

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks Servorg. This is a special dish.

    2. I love a good pork shank. In fact, I had one at Habana in Costa Mesa this past weekend. Awesome and for the miserly sum of only $18 served with the best mashed potatoes, greens & plantains.

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      1. re: JAB

        Yo tambien! I didn't even know I got a Chow shout out when I reviewed the one at Enrique's last year

        1. re: Servorg

          That's a pretty fine looking shank!

          1. re: Porthos

            I treated it just like my golf game...first the shank, then the slice...

              1. re: Porthos

                take it easy on servorg. he's playing with a handicap.

                1. re: linus

                  Hell, I even work with one...It has a keyboard and a 22 inch monitor as part of it...

                  1. re: Servorg

                    22 inches?
                    time for a career change, amigo.

                    1. re: linus

                      I hope you are not confusing "shank" with "skank"...

          2. re: Servorg

            I guess Servorg was typing a post about Enrique's just as I was formulating the question.

        2. Sorry for the thread drift, but have people had the pork shank at Enrique's in Long Beach? I'm sure it is different than that posted here. (Love the name Gorge btw).
          Russkar was always trying to get me to go down to Long Beach to try Enrique's pork shank, but we never made it and I've still never been.

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          1. re: john gonzales

            Food fanatic like minds, obviously...

            1. re: john gonzales

              Enrique's is very good as well. It's served wet with a tomatillo sauce so you don't get any crispy bits. The Sea Bass at Enrique's is what keeps me going back though. Both are oddly off menu but, are always available.

            2. Just went tonight and completely agree with you on these three dishes. The vegetable tart is also outstanding and the chicken liver parfait and rabbit rillettes were also very good. Lobster mousse was just ok and the ribeye special was the only complete miss of the night - perfectly cooked and seasoned but just not a good piece of meat - weak flavor, poor texture, poor marbling. All the St Honorees were delicious and very, very well executed.

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              1. re: krick

                Wow, they moved fast on the ribeye. I was there on Thursday and they mentioned maybe starting a bone-in (I think) ribeye dish next week. Was yours bone-in? They mentioned something about sourcing it from a ranch in-state and that it'd be grass fed (and finished?), which I know can change the taste and texture of the meat, but not usually making it weaker/poorer, just different.

                The pork shank was excellent! Here's an uncorrected photo of ours.

                  1. re: PeterCC

                    The ribeye was California grass fed but not bone in. Again - perfectly cooked - just not a great piece of meat. Not sure of aging method or duration though. To be fair, one order of a dish is obviously not a sample pool, so it may or may not have been representative of the norm.

                  2. re: krick

                    So, glad you liked it krick.

                    Agree the lobster mousse was nothing much. I thought it a very interesting idea that doesn't quite work - marrying lobster mousse with beef broth gel - didn't taste particularly bad or good to me.