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Best Fried Oysters in Savannah

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I'm putting together a travel guide for my aunt. She'll be visiting Savannah next week. She loves fried oysters and I'd like to recommend a place in the historic district. I saw that someone mentioned a good Fried Oyster Sandwich at Crystal Beer Parlor, is that a good bet?

I've got a good sense of the nicer restaurants to recommend to her but not sure on more casual places for lunch. All I have so far are Zunzi's Take Out & Planter's Tavern. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Had the fried oyster app at olde pink house a few weeks ago and they were amazing. Still think about them. She might enjoy a drink in the tavern and a plate -- or two -- of those. Lovely, vibrant atmosphere, especially if the piano player is there.

    1. Oops, just reread your post and see planters tavern is already on your radar. So, as you know, it's a solid choice.