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Jul 24, 2013 07:31 AM

Cooking classes in positano

Hi all,

Headed to Positano/Capri/Sorrento in September for my dads 60th birthday. I am just getting started on restaurants so won't bother you with that yet. I am however, thinking about special things to do on his actual birthday. He LOVES to cook so was thinking a cooking class, wine class or market tour - something like that, might be right up his alley.

All suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. We took a cooking class at Bucca di Bacco and really enjoyed it. We made 3 different dishes (gnocchi with red sauce, pasta with pesto and eggplant parm) and then all sat down and had it for lunch when the class was over. You even get an apron as a souvenir.

    Depending on how long you are in Pos, I would also recommend the walking tour with Christine of It is an interesting way to learn about the town and the history of the area and you get to sample local cheese and salami made by her husband's family. She also offers a separate wine tasting.

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      I second the recommendation of Christine's tour, we took it with my parents and really enjoyed it.

      I also know Mamma Agata's cooking school is one of the most famous on the region and is supposed to be very good.

    2. A friend JUST asked the same question. Here is what I told her.

      In Positano the Buca di Baco hotel has a very popular class

      Mama Agata is probably the most well known.

      Another Ravello course

      Italy Hotline is very well connected in the region.

      Discover Naples Destinations are very knowledgeable about the region and very helpful.

      This is a recommendation from one of my favorite Positano beach clubs (Da Ferdinando in Fornillo)

      and last week I saw a video sign at Max's restaurant. the link to the cooking school doesnt work - but here is the restaurant info.

      1. thank you both very much!

        1. My concern with mama agata is that it is going to be "too commerical." we are looking for something where we feel like we are in someone's grandmother's kitchen. The personalized apron thing is throwing me. Anyone have insights?

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            From what I have researched about Mama Agata, it doesn't seem too commercial (apron aside). But the logistics of getting there and back from Positano and spending an entire vacation day (between getting to/from and the class) on it is why I chose the BDB class.

            I think that unless you know someone in the area, or go on one of the tours, or speak Italian, you will have a difficult time finding a "grandmother's kitchen" class. If you find one, let me know because I would love to take it when I am in Pos next year!

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              however, there are plenty of reasons other than cooking to spend a day of your visit to the coast in Ravello, which is stunning, has concerts, etc.. off topic here, however,

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                Jen, I totally agree - Ravello is definitely worth a visit!

          2. My wife & I attended Mama Agata two years ago. Trust me it's worth it. First of all the setting is great and it is quite a long affair. The set up is meet on the terrace for wine & her lemon cake then observe and participate in making a multiple course meal in her kitchen. You will not leave hungry or disappointed. If I could site one negative it would be class size. As I recall we were probably 16 - 18 people.