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Jul 24, 2013 06:45 AM

Local Fish/Food in Ipperwash?

Rented a cottage there and I know there are Aboriginal fisheries, but all the yellow page searches give me London businesses. Anyone know where I can purchase locally-caught fish there?

Any food gems out that way as well?


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  1. It's a bit of a wasteland up there.

    The only thing I remember near Ipperwash, is the fisherman who sell fresh caught fish from their homes.
    You're near the tourist trap places in Grand Bend - a search for past recommendations may help.

    1. Fresh fish from Purdy's, under the Bluewater Bridge is the gold standard. They have boats in Lake Huron every day.

      There should be local corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, firewood etc at roadside stands, sometimes on the honor system! Also farmgate eggs and chicken if you look or ask. My source for free range eggs and chicken is Esther at 1516 Napperton Drive, Kerwood.

      Sobey's in Grand Bend is not bad for groceries.

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        Agree on Purdy's, but it's about an hour from Ipperwash to Sarnia. As Pakmode said there's not much up there. If you find yourself visiting Forest there's a decent little sandwhich/salad/bakery spot for lunch called The Wicked Pickle on King Street:

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          I thought Purdy's sold their fish in several places along Lake Huron?

      2. I'm not sure if there is a place that sells local fish in/near Ipperwash / Lambton Shores / Forest.

        Purdy's has a location in Grand Bend, as well as the locations in Sarnia and Point Edward.

        I dine at F.I.N.E. in Grand Bend around once a year, and usually order the pickerel.

        There is also a place to buy fish and smoked fish at the Bayfield marina.
        Out of the Blue is on Hwy 21 near Bayfield

        Check out this map for local foods in Lambton County

        #6 , #21 and #25 are near Ipperwash.

        Farmers' Markets in Lambton County

        Here is last year's Lambton County, from Sarnia to the Pinery thread:

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          1. I enjoyed Grog's Pizzeria and MacPherson's in nearby Port Franks earlier this month.


            Also recommend F.I.N.E. restaurant in Grand Bend, and Black Dog Pub and Bistro in Bayfield.