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Jul 24, 2013 06:30 AM

MXDC mini-reveiw

Tom Sietsema beat me to the punch; I've been meaning to post a mini-review of MXDC since we tried it last week. In a word: bah.

The food was very, very hit or miss. I really liked the cochinita pibil, the chips and salsas, and the fresh homemade tortillas. However, the "arepas" were inexplicable and awful: like hollowed-out, toasted hamburger buns (??). We left them on the plate. And the gazpacho was simply inedible: grossly acidic and oddly flavorless. We also left it mostly uneaten. The mushroom/huitlacoche tacos were fine: not amazing, but not bad.

We found the space somewhere between uninspiring and downright hostile (noise volume is off the charts, and we are not particularly noise-sensitive).

The prices are very high - likely due to the prime real estate, but certainly not the ingredients. The staff was uniformly very nice and competent.

The next time I want Mexican food in a slick downtown setting, I'll stick with Oyamel or Rosa Mexicano.

Anybody else have MXDC experiences?

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  1. I wanted to like this restaurant.

    Todd English had a great restaurant in Olives in Boston, and his casual restaurants Figs had the most phenomenal flat bread pizzas (I still crave the eggplant and portobello mushroom) and had consistently great food.

    Attention has not been paid to the food in this restaurant, I'm afraid.
    We ordered the "large" chicken dish to share. It was so tasty, but I have never had a chicken thigh so overcooked before. How do you even overcook chicken thighs? They are so forgiving. I mentioned it to the waiter. He effectively blew it off. I might have contacted the manager after the fact directly if there was an email address on the website. There wasn't, so here we are on chow.

    The drinks were all over thought. Odd combinations that didn't quite work. We also shared the large beef dish. Tough meat that would have benefited from being thinly sliced against the grain.

    Too bad.

    I understand there is very bad blood between Todd English and Tom Siestema. As much as I've enjoyed Mr. English's food in the past, this restaurant just didn't cut it, so I'm reluctantly siding with Tom on this one.