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Jul 24, 2013 06:27 AM

What to do with too much (of the wrong) stuff ?

Help. Please.
We share purchasing and dividing in my produce co-op and some members are better at buying than others..

So this box contained (among other things) 2 big heads of cabbage and lots of sweet potatoes.
In July.
In the south. along with corn and peaches. No tomatoes, no summer plums
It burns me up. But I still have these veggies that are so much better in fall/winter.

I'm not a big fan of cole slaw and anyway, I'd have to make gallons of slaw. And i love sweet potatoes but most of my uses are better for fall/winter.
Any ideas, Chowhounds?? Meanwhile, I'm making sweet potatoes biscuits. Thanks in advance for help/advice/sympathy.

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  1. I love to make sweet potato salad. Is that a possibility? The only thought I have for the cabbage is to pickle... Sorry...

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    1. re: andieb


      got a recipe or process for sweet potato salad?? sounds like a good possibility.
      many thanks

      1. re: kariin

        I usually do the same as I would for white potato salad. I cube and steam and add green onions, smoked paprika, some wickles pickles relish, squirt of guldens, and mayo. I have to say I actually enjoy it more with sweet potatoes..

        1. re: kariin

          I used sweet potatoes in my traditional German potato salad recipe recently (a warm salad with bacon and caramelized onions in a vinaigrette) and it was DELICIOUS. I would sub them in any potato salad recipe that has a nice tangy dressing.

      2. Last week I rendered the fat from some diced andouille sausage, set the sausage aside and added cabbage cut maybe half-inch by one-inch and some chicken broth + salt. I cook until it still has some crunch, then add back the sausage.

        Cabbage expands when you make slaw, but this recipe shrinks it. And adds pork.

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        1. re: AreBe

          Thanks -

          yep - this is a go-to plan for me in fall/winter. Maybe there's just no way aroound it. I have to pretend its October, even tho we're having a 90/90 day.
          "Cabbage expands when you make slaw, but this recipe shrinks it. "

          Yes!! its physics, right?? 2nd Law of ThermoVegetables??

          love this. And "adding pork" is never wrong.

          many Thanks. Any more ideas?

          1. re: AreBe

            I love braised cabbage with pork!

          2. We've had a ton of cabbage at the markets around here (DC), too, strangely. I've been enjoying roasting it-Slice into 3/4 inch thick rounds, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and caraway seeds (if desired). I do this in the toaster oven so I don't heat up the apartment. 350 degree for 20-25 minutes (I just keep an eye on it for when it looks done and the edges just begin to brown).

            I also really like cabbage in a quick stir-fry with carrots and small chicken pieces. It does require some stove-top cooking (no ones favorite in July), but everything cooks quickly.

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            1. re: HungryHoya

              I like it in stirfries too, or shredded finely in fried rice. Moo shu uses a lot of cabbage...

              1. re: HungryHoya

                I cut it into large wedges and then steam until tender. Serve on toast with lots of olive oil, salt and pepper with a wedge of lemon on the side. Room temp is fine.

              2. Have you considered making sauerkraut? Homemade is so much better. And then you can enjoy it in the winter!

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                1. re: dkenworthy

                  Hi dkenworthy

                  thanks for the help and I agree. But. where are you.?

                  I'm in the DeepSouth and 'kraut making weather won't arrive till November (maybe). It is so monstrously hot and humid here that i've got no place to put crocks of cabbage unless its the middle of the floor inside the house. I usually use my screened in back porch from October to May as my multipurpose room for food and other projects.

                  But no...this turn, Ms. Co-op decided to go for cabbage and sweet potatoes in frickking JULY !!!
                  No cukes, no tomatoes, no patty-pan squash. And no okra.

                  the girl is not from around here.

                  1. re: kariin

                    That is rather weird, I have to say.

                    1. re: kariin

                      You can make kraut in the summer; it just takes less time. I live in Georgia and do it all the time. You can also make freezer slaw. Cabbage rolls freeze well too.

                      Lucky you with the sweet potatoes. It's been so wet here that most of my potatoes rotted in the ground. :( When I do have sweet potatoes, I chopped them like french fries and freeze to make oven fries. They also make a wonderful curry soup.

                      I live in the South and t's been weird garden weather here. Everything is late. My tomatoes are huge and still green! My okra is tall and green and has yet to bloom. Farmers in my area say it will be a late season. Hopefully you'll get some of the expected summer veggies in the early fall.

                    2. re: dkenworthy

                      That is what I was thinking too. Just bought a crock at Wegman's and hope to start sauerkraut this weekend.

                    3. My seasons in AZ tend to be a little mixed up. I currently have winter squashes coming in my CSA bag. Yep, all grown locally by the farmer. Anyways, I had someone here suggest ice cream the other day. Although I haven't researched it, your sweet potatoes might work for this application. I'm currently in a rental without all my kitchen gadgets, so ice cream making is on hold for me for about another month.
                      Maybe a good deconstructed cabbage roll soup with the cabbage?
                      I like the sauerkraut idea, personally.