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Jul 24, 2013 06:21 AM

A miss at Amis

Of the four of us dining last evening there was not one item that anyone would order again with a possible exception of the rice pudding. The scallops were good but ordinary and served cold, the eggplant lasagna was quite strange in both size and appearance & just ok. The "old school" meatballs were also cold and underdone even allowing for the pink appearance caused by some ingredient. The salumi plate had 3 different items, restaurant made, none of which any of us thought very good. I suppose I should acknowledge that the olives and bread were good and the coffee was excellent. The noise was deafening even with a few empty tables around us. There is much love on this site for Amis and Osteria; I must be missing something. Perhaps a faulty palette, an under developed taste for special foods; whatever it is I continue to be underwhelmed by both of these Vetri establishments.

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  1. I really agree with you about the noise level at Amis. I am wondering if your experience partially was what you ordered. I have enjoyed the swordfish meatballs, the mortadella mousse, the sweetbreads and when I order pasta there I tend to order very simple dishes, like the bucatini that is on the menu currently. Overall I think the range of the pasta sauces at Amis is better than Osteria, but there is no excuse for things to be under cooked or cold. I guess also the expectations are important. Amis has good food, not great. Nothing is going to wow. I guess its caveat empitor.

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      CW, Certainly could have been poor ordering. No one ordered a pasta dish and one swordfish meatballs order were noted to be " just fine", which is not a overwhelming endorsement. As suggested by BL could have been an off night. And yes 4 of 4 were underwhelmed. I probably set my expectations too high based on other's comments. They can't all be wrong!

    2. hmmm... i liked Osteria but loved Amis. (1x each).
      cold meatballs don't sound very appetizing, though. i wonder if it was an off night? there are certainly better and worse items, but if none of the dishes 4 people got were good, that's a problem.