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Jul 24, 2013 01:01 AM

Where to get the best Chinese Steamed Fish?

Just curious as to which restaurant people think has the best Chinese Steamed Fish? I'm in the South Bay, so closer to there would be the preference, but I could venture out if it's amazing enough.

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  1. Not sure what kind of (live, I assume) fish you are looking for. If you're looking for inexpensive fish like tilapia ($4/lb. retail), catfish ($4), or striped bass ($8), most decent Cantonese restaurants will stock them, selling them at about double the retail price. If you're looking for exotic fish, just call one of the Millbrae restaurants (e.g., Zen Peninsula) or Koi Palace in Daly City and inquire in advance. The price can go easily beyond $50/lb. It helps if you have a Cantonese speaker making the inquiry. For my personal taste, I always ask for less salt and oil in my steamed fish dishes. If you are a decent cook, just befriend some of the Cantonese fish mongers, and after a while they will "inform" you about fish (sea trout, etc.) usually reserved for restaurants only.