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Jul 23, 2013 10:04 PM

What's your burger recipe?

Is grilling season! What's your everyday dinner for the family burger recipe? Do you have a different one when you want to gussy it up?

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  1. LaFrieda Brisket Blend burgers.
    Sous vide at 134F for an hour.
    Dry them and blow torch until crusted.

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    1. re: weedy

      +1 on the sous vide.

      As weird and as heretical as it sounds, the sous vide is the only way I make burgers now. They come out perfect, every time- something you can't get on a griddle or a grill, which really is the point.

      To everybody else: I know it sounds odd, but try it. Buy a decent electronic thermometer and you can sous-vide in your sink. You'll be amazed.

    2. The last time we made burgers, we followed the Blue Label Burger Blend from Serious Eats. This uses a blend of sirloin, brisket and oxtail. It made a great burger. On our next go we'll try ipsedixit's blend of sirloin, chuck and oxtail to see which we prefer.

      1. I just bought the meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid, and this has helped my burgers more than any recipe. I can go from chuck roast to burgers over charcoal in minutes. My everyday fix is just meat with S&P.

        If you like spicy, then I highly recommend this recipe with minced chipotles and onion mixed into the meat.

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        1. re: AreBe

          I think this summer I will finally shell out for the meat grinder attachment as I just can't seem to make a proper burger with store ground and it also gives much more freedom I would imagine. That recipe sounds great and I'm definitely going to give it a try.

        2. Ground short rib. Salt. Pepper.

          What more could you possibly need?

          1. I don't usually make burgers but I get asked to make my 50/50 a lot. It's 50 percent ground chuck and 50% ground lamb cooked over apple wood. Long story short a chef of a local restaurant tried this at a pool party we were having and then put it on his menu, for three years now he has been voted best restaurant burger in our city.

            For gussied up burgers I customize them to the theme, Vietnamese burgers (ex. ginger lime burgers on a rice flour bun with pickled vegetables and miso dressing and served with rice fries), Indian burgers (Lamb curry burgers on mini naan buns, raita dressing and sweet potato fries), etc.