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Jul 23, 2013 09:58 PM

Anyone ever tried Rada Knives?

Anyway, just interested in people's opinions. I'm looking for a decent quality knife for my Chateau in Switzerland (just kidding).

I have really nice knives, but I'm looking for a cheap set to take to parties where I'm inevitable forgetting them or getting uptight when people use my MACs to cut veggies on plates etc.

I've heard they're pretty good American made knives that hold a good edge. Anyone tried them?

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  1. There is some discussion of them on a thread just below this one. Here is a link to my comment, but there are also a few other comments above mine:

    They take a very good edge, don't hold it especially well. They're thin, though the grind is nothing special. Considering the price, I like em.

    1. Kind like the Thailand made Kiwi but aluminum handles not wood and made in the US.