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Jul 23, 2013 09:22 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Help - Athens GA

So my son is getting married November 30, 2013 in Athens, GA. For the rehearsal dinner, can someone recommend either:

a. A good restaurant in the area with a private room to seat 65-70 people, or

b. An event space for same # of people & a good caterer - my son actually requested Weaver D's, if you're familiar with Athens!

I had recommendations of Farm 255 (just closed!), the National (menu seems too funky for the grandmothers), Dolce Vita or NONA (heard these are hit or miss). Is there anything else?

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  1. I may be wrong, but I don't think there is a restaurant in Athens with a private room that large, although you may find a place willing to shut down and host only your event. Dexter might be willing/able to cater it at an off-site location, certainly worth a call.

    Here is a previous post that may be of help:

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      1. You can email for they will help you out!

        1. I'd suggest not writing off the National based on their online menu. I've had nothing but great experiences with them, which is more than I can say for the other two you are considering. Chef Peter Dale is very accommodating. We hosted a wedding lunch for a Ph.D. student at the restaurant. The bride and groom wanted a tiramisu cake, and the pastry chef created one for us. If you talk to the chef about the kinds of food you want, I'd bet they can help you out. They also have a large adjacent space, though I am not sure it is quite big enough for 60-70 people.

          The other post mentions Lee Epting Catering. I've been to several events they catered (unfortunately, not real recently), and the food was very good.

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            I attended a birthday part in the private room at The National....and it was for a Grandmother turning 90! It was a few years ago, but if I had to guess I'd say there were ~50 people there. Food was outstanding. You definitely would talk to the chef to create an agreeable menu. I'd think you'd be severely limiting yourself if you want to narrow down the restaurants based on what will please the grandmothers. What will please the bride & groom?? Of course realizing that if you are paying for the dinner you want to make sure people will actually EAT it. :-) I will add that the private space is not as modern, open and light as the main restaurant (it is an interior room with no windows which is accessed through the entrance to a cinema), however I think appropriate for a rehearsal dinner [in Athens]- maybe not so much for wedding reception. Sound is good for speeches and room perfect for socializing. Wish I could help with other suggestions. Good luck!
            **note: this is a different level of food than Weaver D's, but maybe the chef could create something along those lines..."meat & 3". Automatic!

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              Thanks for the replies! I'm planning on contacting The National to see what we can work out. I think they're honestly the best fit for bride & groom. I think they had an option for renting out the whole space as well, so that would work best for us. I'll post about wherever we end up.

              And, Weez, I think my son ate at Weaver D's about once a week while he was at Georgia.Not sure how he stayed so thin - he definitely knew how to "communicate" his fried chicken cravings!

              1. re: KateeB

                Did you maybe call La Dolce Vita? I think the food at the National may be better (and different) but th food at LDV was still pretty damn good on my one visit (mostly small plates) and the locale overlooking North Campus and the Arches would be tough to beat. You would have to likely rent out the whole place.

          2. If you haven't already booked somewhere, East West Bistro caters and has two event rooms upstairs. Check 'em out! Their catering staff can work with you to customize your menu to some extent.