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Jul 23, 2013 06:25 PM

Grill or BBQ classes

Anyone have suggestions for grilling or BBQ classes in DC area? I am familiar with L'academic de Cuisine but can't get their fall calendar. Other ideas?

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  1. Culinaria in Vienna has BBQ/grilling classes on their calendar. I've taken classes from them (but not bbq) The people who started it used to teach at L'Academie.

    You might also check CulinAerie near Thomas Circle. It also was started by some former L'Academie instructors.

    1. Find a friend who can grill and BBQ really well and offer them a case of wine or beer for some tips

      1. Here is a place in Manassas that caters to Big Green Egg users, they have monthly cooking sessions. More about fine tuning the techniques of current 'Eggers, but it could be a fun way to break into a whole world of outdoor cooking.