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Jul 23, 2013 05:05 PM

I get to be a 20-something again for a week, what to eat?

I get to be alone for a week, no husband, no kids. I forget what I used to eat...what would you have in the house that was easy and required little or no cooking and was a special treat?

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  1. When my husband travels for work, and I'm not in the mood to cook "real" food., I'll make the kids some mac&cheese from the blue box (big treat in our house LOL) and I'll treat myself to what I call "non-dinners". :)

    Cheese, crackers, grapes, wine
    Hummus, pita, stuffed grape leaves (from Lebanese deli or from a can)
    Cereal (one of my special treats that I don't eat often)
    Baguette with brie and some leftover sautéed/roasted/grilled chicken
    Shrimp cocktail, heavy on the horseradish (this I have to share with the kids)

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      I agree, I love this tapas/appetizer/nibble food approach - composite meals if you will

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        Yes to all of boogiebaby's suggestions, plus olives, ice cream, and a delivery pu pu platter.

      2. You're going to have a ball. Bet you miss them something bad by day 3 though, lol.

        Appetizers for dinner; includes selections from: crudites with hummus/bleu cheese dip/salsa, pizza rolls, frozen spanokopitas (Costco!), potato skins w/sour cream and hot sauce, fried mozz cheese sticks.

        Cheeses/pepperoni and ham/good bread/olives.

        Stouffer's Mac-n-Chz. Goes with red wine in this house, wanna fight about it?

        Ramen noodles. But this time add lots of fresh cilantro or parsley, carrot strips, snow or snap peas, green onions, etc. (you'll have veggies left over from the crudites).

        Pigs in blankets. Also goes with red wine. And gives the look-and-feel of "Well, I turned on the toaster oven, so of course I cooked."

        Everything has less guilt if you start with a small simple arugula or romaine salad w/dash of vinaigrette. Get a clamshell of greens and you're set.

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          M&Ms go with red wine in this house, shall we rumble? LOL. ;)

        2. I love to eat ramen noodles or a simple, spicy tomato & pasta sauce with ***size redacted*** of wine and chop sticks as my utensil. Usually with terribly girly or geeky netflix for company. Being slurp-y and decidedly un-cute while eating spice pasta makes me enjoy my alone time rather than miss the boy!

          1. 1. Bottle of vodka 3. Bottles of champagne. Everything else will take care if itself. (No driving delivery only)

            1. I've been on a little retro kick lately myself: equal parts Velveeta and your favorite salsa, melted in the microwave for a trashtastic treat with tortilla chips! I loved it in college and still do now, lo these many years later.