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Jul 23, 2013 05:04 PM

Most kid friendly izakaya in downtown

Maybe there is no such thing but what would bet he most kid friendly Izakaya? Not looking for a kid menu or anything like that but most of the izakaya/yakatori places in NYC are very small and jammed together not great for kids. ( or at least not great for our fellow diners.) Any suggestions?

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  1. We've had success at Guu Gastown, Gyoza King and Kingyo. Our kid is 7.

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      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Which I'm sure is much more kid-friendly than Guu Otokomae (Gastown).

        Gyoza King would likely be challenging if your child is fidgety or very "expressive", it's a compact space and you're on tatami.

    1. Ooolala my favourite topic although alas we spend more time just outside of the downtown core. But yes, Kingyo works, its a little higher end but roomy and you can grill meat on a small rock which thrills certain short people. I've not been to downtown Zakushi but its a fave in other (since closed)locations AND I'm not sure its really Izakaya ( its grilled things on sticks), but its our kids' choice for celebrations. I think Suika would work well as its not jammed together - its the cheaper version of Kingyo and might be a little too fun later in the evening (yes that is in fact my husband with the sake in the corner), but fine early on. There is a Hapa downtown which is not super fun, but the one in Kitsiliano (Yew st I think) is better if you're able to score a table outside and watch the world wander by on way to/from beach. There's this lotus root gyoza that causes small squabbles. The kids' current choice is Rajio but it is further from dt toward ubc. The focus there is deepfried things on sticks so who's to complain about that? And a curiously addictive kimchi ceasar salad. The only Guu I've been to (shame) is Garlic and it is a little jammed.

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        Funnily enough, the only two izakaya I recall seeing kids at were the Zakkushi on 4th (now functus) and Guu with Garlic, which are/were two of the jammiest. I'd take kids to any of them, especially earlier in the evening as waver suggests, though I'd prolly pass on the Robson Hapa. Rajio is an excellent call as they have some fun d├ęcor as well.

        I've heard Zakkushi referred to as a yakitori-ya.