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Jul 23, 2013 04:53 PM

Lunch in Huntsville in September

Everything on here seems to be about a year old so I am asking if there is anything new or any updates? Looks to me like Butchers Daughter and That Little Place by the Light are the best bet -still true? I will be driving from North Bay to meet some relatives also driving1-1/2 hours so we will want to have a nice ambience, decent wine and a place to linger. Early September on a week day. Not interested in steak or pizza. Thanks for any suggestions

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    1. we had a decent lunch at the little place by the light. The staff was great as we were there for three hours - a bit of a reunion. None of the dishes were outstanding but it was all decent

      1. Yes, Butcher's Daughter for great soup, sandwiches and salad. My wife goes nuts for the house salad.