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Jul 23, 2013 04:39 PM

Best watermelon?

Who has the best watermelons you've tried this season? It's been hit or miss with me this season.

I know your're suppose to look for a nice yellow color where the melon was resting on the ground, but I've been having bad luck with watermelons this year.

I even tried wholefoods and central market earlier in the month and they were both lacking in sweetness and color. (maybe I need to try again and ask for a sample before I buy a couple?!)

I've been having wonderful honey dews, crenshaws, surgar kisses, cantaloupes, hamis, galias, ect... along with a lot of other great tasting summer fruits so I don't know whats going on with the watermelons!!!


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  1. Other than a farm stand out in the country, I would suggest either one of the local weekend farmers markets or, the Dallas Farmers Market downtown.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Great suggestion. I'll have to go to the cowtown farmer's market Saturday and see what they've got.

    2. I have noticed that too.
      I got an excellent one at Costco around the 4th.

      But the onlu consistently good ones I have had have come from supermecardos - El Rancho and Terry's specifically

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      1. re: keli175

        Thanks for the tips. At least you had a good one during the 4th!

        I was desperate to buy a good one on the 4th so when I saw some organic ones at whole foods for $9.00 with a nice creamy yellow spot on the bottoms, so I thought they'd be good (especially for $9.00!). Boy was I wrong, the worst of them all! Sour white middle!!! (I ended up juicing it)

        I called them and the manager ended up sending me a $25 gift card. :)

      2. I personally hate watermelon but here is what my parents always taught me. I hate the mealy texture on most watermelons so that is why I tend to stay away, same with apples.

        Since watermelons are one of the few melons that do not ripen after being picked these are the general rules I go by.

        The easiest way is to look for a yellow spot where the melon rested on the ground. A ripe watermelon should also have a drab, but smooth rind; a glossy coating is a sign of immaturity.

        Watermelon experts listen for a "thump" when they lightly smack the melon instead of a hollow or musical ring.

        Most melons are better with more heat and since this has been an unseasonably cool summer that is why there are variances in your melons. If I were to buy a watermelon I would look for a west Texas grown one as the temps out that way have been more favorable for a well ripened and sweet watermelon.

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Agree that it's all about the thump.

          My grandmother loved grocery stores. Whereas I like going to a couple regularly and knowing them like the back of my hand, she was all about visiting every store in the area. Once when I was shopping with her and bored, I thumped every watermelon. There was one that was different from the rest. Hard to describe, but kind of a deep resonance. I bought it ... one of the best I've ever had.

          1. re: foiegras

            Hey that's cool you have that memory of your grandma like that with watermelon. I bet every time you eat some you compare it to that same watermelon huh?

            I've been having the BEST Pecos cantaloupes this year. There're getting harder and harder to find each year for me but I found them this year :)

            I can't wait for them to have the Israeli melons arrive in a week or two. One of my favorite melons, very hard to find but I know where to get them if your're interested.

          2. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Nothing, I mean NOTHING is worse than a mealy apple or watermelon! I've been having that problem this year also, piratically the ones at my local kroger, which are texas watermelons.

            I can't believe hate watermelon, you must love other melons then right?? Any type of melon and cherries are my favorite fruits. The hamis and crenshaw's have been flawless this year!

            1. re: Mike C. Miller

              I bought a watermelon at the farmer's market last weekend ... worst I've ever had. Well, the texture's fine, color OK ... but it's not sweet AT ALL. I guess I understand what you were complaining about now ... I will either have to sweeten it, or feed it to the dogs ... still deciding.

              1. re: foiegras

                And, have you noticed how much more expensive watermelon is this year?

                However, the Pecos cantaloupes are as sweet as sugar this year. $1.50 each at Sprouts.

                1. re: foiegras

                  I've finally found a spot that has outstanding watermelons! The same place I get my Pecos cantaloupes and Israeli melons. All very very sweet, perfect in texture, and color.

                  It's a "farmer's market" store, but they buy from farmers all around instead of just Texas. The watermelons are from Oklahoma and are very tasty.

                  It's in Fort Worth if anyone's interested let me know.

                  -foiegrass, try juicing the not so sweet melons you get for a homemade vitamin water. Thats what I do with them.

                  1. re: burntcremebrulee

                    If only I had a juicer! Yes, I am interested. We will have to get Oklahoma to tell us their secret.

              2. Go by weight. Find the heaviest watermelon of the bunch.

                The reason? Sugar + Water weighs more than water alone*.

                * (scientific not guaranteed)

                This has always worked for me.