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Jul 23, 2013 04:35 PM

Dine la and Scarpetta

any of you hounds have an opinion of Scarpetta in general and of the dine la in particular. I'm committed for to tomarrow night.

Thans for your help.

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  1. Go to Lucques instead of Scarpetta. Better food, bigger portions and much better value. I see that Scarpetta is charging $12.00 supplement for their pasta Marinara. Crazy!!
    Our meal at Lucques was fantastic. One of the best dinners we have had all year. Full portions, good options.

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    1. re: maudies5

      Isn't pasta marinara supposed to be cheap as hell to make?

      1. re: ns1

        Like I said. We're committed. Our dining companions picked it for this pasta dish. I'll report back. The pasta dish is $24 on the regular menu.

        1. re: Baron

          That pasta dish is delicious. It just offends me that they are charging a supplement instead of offering it as part of the DinelLa menu.

          1. re: Baron

            Yeah I know the reputation of the dish but a 12 dollar supplement is ridic

            1. re: ns1

              Why is it ridiculous? It's an additional course beyond the three course DineLA, not a supplement to get it as one of the three courses. So they could just as well not have mentioned it and still have the relatively standard four options for first, three for second , and a couple for third. In reality offering an additional course at a menu discount as well is a bonus not available at most places. One could certainly say that the regular $20+ price for the dish is high, but at $12 in a place like that, it's not a gouge.
              That supplement is actually one of the reasons I'm thinking of going. I've heard the dish is really good but could never see myself paying full-price for it.

              Maudie, yes it would be nice if it were available as part of the menu. But most of the dinela restaurants aren't necessari;y offering their best or most popular dishes. Plus one might say that it would be better to pay an additonal $12 to get it as a fourth course rather than have it in place of a protein main course. You clearly love Lucques but it isn't even the same cuisine.
              Baron, please report back. I have one more slot open for a DineLA dinner and Scarpetta is a possibility.

              1. re: john gonzales

                I checked and jg is correct -- the spaghetti marinara is offered as an additional course, so the supplement is actually a bargain. I had the same reaction at the top of the thread -- what bastards -- but this changes everything.

                Be sure to report back on your DineLA dinner.

                1. re: john gonzales

                  Oh sorry, I thought it replaced one of the courses. 12 bucks sounds like a bargain, then.

                  Agreed with Nosh this changes everything lol

                  1. re: john gonzales

                    Just returned from Scarpetta. Sorry to say that the four of us were disappointed overall. Wife and I ordered the dine LA menu. I had the scallop app +$5 and the wine flight +$30 and we had the nothing special spaghetti +$12 for a 1/2 order. MY wife had a coke and a latte. $190. With tax and tip. By the time we left the place was quite packed. The berry desert was very good as was the service. The patio was nice.

                    1. re: Baron

                      Scarpetta should never participate in any offers - groupon, dineLA etc.

                      Management idiots have no concept of why promotions exist They shortchange diners on these deals every chance they get. You have been forewarned.....

          2. It's a very good restaurant in a nifty part of town.

            Consider arriving early and grabbing a drink at the intimate bar before the meal. The barkeep is pretty, talented and entertaining. Enjoy the drinks but also enjoy the house-made chips.

            The dining room is bright and spacious, the wine list good. The short rib app and the creamy polenta app, if available, should be ordered, mixed and shared (I'm assuming you'll have a companion). You'll thank me later. Scott Conant's spaghetti with tomato sauce is pretty special.

            Service at Scapetta is a strong point.

            1. Make sure you try the mushrooms and creamy polenta. A truly wonderful dish.