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Jul 23, 2013 04:29 PM

Mind-blowing lunch at Qingdao Garden

Went with our out-of-town, Queens-bred chum on Saturday. It was really exceptional. Ordered pork-leek and three delight shrimp dumplings. They arrived right away, bursting little revelations of flavor with each bite. Excellent sweet & sour cucumbers in garlic sauce and vinegar next, followed by cool shredded potato salad, which was crunchy, zingy, and refreshing. Then we made a superb choice--an impulse order of chonqing chicken. Absolutely amazing: a sympatico blend of hot and cold, crunchy and soft, spicy and numbing.
One complaint: We ordered beef flour pie (about which I'd raved to our guest), and it never showed up. But at that point, we were quite sated.
I'm rushing back pronto for that zingy chicken!

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    1. I love this place so much. Thanks for the reminder about the beef flour pie. I love that dish, but for some reason always forget about it.

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        I think I remember that beef flour pie... Weekends only? And Chongqing chicken is one of my current favorites. I'm glad people are still enjoying them--assuming the owners are the same, that guy was really friendly and helpful when I was first starting to explore Chinese food.