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Jul 23, 2013 03:30 PM


I was in the McDonalds @ 2701 Lawrence Avenue East today and saw that the ad on the till said that the McLobster was now available for a limited time.

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  1. How much $ was it and did you try it ?

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    1. re: grangie angie

      No idea on price; and I was there at breakfast time :(

      1. re: grangie angie

        $6.79 and i had the same issue as the other Chowhounder who said the salad had to be redistributed by him/her in order to fill the roll evenly.


        1. I happened to buy one out of curiosity while looking for Despicable Me toys. It was surprisingly ok, a hot dog bun with 3 whole claws and a couple knuckle pieces it looked like. Quite frankly it tasted better then the lobster roll I had at Rock Lobster which tasted like mayo only.

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          1. re: flipcyde

            weird I had a lobster roll at RL when they first opened and it was really good! Wasn't a fan of their other offerings but the lobster roll was solid.

          2. As an aside, here is a very interesting and relevant read on McLobster from a lobster exporter in Halifax:

            According to him, the $7.79 McLobster was "raining lettuce".

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            1. re: happycamper

              Yeah, I had it and it's easily about half lettuce. It's almost like eating a salad sandwich. But for a lobster roll from McDonald's, of all places, and for $6.50, it's better than it has any right to be.

              1. re: Michael N

                Had one for lunch today. It was more than acceptable for McDonald's. However, there seemed to be some inconsistency at my location.

                I noticed the sign on the way home yesterday and told a bunch of people at the office this morning. They all went to get one and generally found it to be quite good. But I didn't get any celery in mine and it's listed on the box as an ingredient. A co-worker who loathes celery did not detect any either. Another co-worker said she definitely tasted celery.

                In any case, the lobster was not rubbery/overcooked and there was an respectable amount of lobster, so good job, McD's!

            2. Had one today since I drove by a McDs and was going for an ice coffee anyway...

              It wasn't bad but I had to redistribute the filling myself (it only covered like a 2/3rd of the bun) and for me there was a TON of green onion vs. the shredded lettuce. Would have been great if the lettuce wasn't shredded.

              Anyway, it tasted pretty decent and lighter than most of the other things on the menu... Now, it "tasted" that way, not saying it was healthy in any way but I did notice the box said they used light mayonnaise :)

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              1. re: ylsf

                I believe they actually called it "light mayonnaise-style sauce." Which basically means that it's so far removed from actual mayonnaise that they can't legally call it that, like calling mock chocolate "chocolaty coating."

                1. re: Michael N

                  You are right, just checked the box.