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Jul 23, 2013 03:21 PM

How to tell if cheese curds (squeaky) have gone bad?

Just opened a new bag that I got from the store yesterday. It had a very slight smell and there was lots of moisture inside the bag (unusual). I tasted one and I coudln't exactly tell if something was truly off. Anyone who loves curds knows?

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  1. Off is kind of subjective with curds. I lose a lot of love for them when they cease squeaking, which is typically within 24 hours of production. I like 'em dry too so the moisture would be offputting but maybe not a deal breaker. When I won't eat them is when they taste moldy, or if they get kinda slimy. The ones I get also have a best before date which is helpful though perhaps not definitive.

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      Thanks!! I had my own doubts about the concept but my BF insisted we throw them out. Glad to know it is definitely subjective!

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        a cheese shop in Madison told me that they don't squeak when they're cold -- 10 seconds in the microwave will restore the squeak.

        1. re: sunshine842

          Does cold mean room-temp as well? Here they are sold unrefrigerated next to candy bars..

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            I think it is best if they can stay at room temp to conserve the squeak but if they get too warm they will go greasy. Bit of a balancing act.

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              In Wisconsin (where they know a few things about cheese...) they're kept cold.

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                Not necessarily true. I only buy curds that are freshly made that day and not yet refrigerated either from a factory if I'm passing by or from a local grocer who has them delivered fresh a couple of times a week. They will refrigerate what doesn't sell within a few hours. The microwave trick only works on curds up to two days old. After that... blaachhhk.

                Sounds like the OP had uber-fresh curds and the liquid was merely whey.

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                  Please don't tell me I ill-advised threw away a super fresh bag of curds :(

      2. There is no reason to throw them out unless they are harbouring strange mould. Use them for other (cooked) recipes.