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Jul 23, 2013 02:59 PM

Are Your Favorite Dishes Missing on LA Weekly's Top 100 Dishes List? Let's make our own list.

Dishes I think should be added in my opinion:
1. Gal-Bi (Prime Beef Short Rib) at Park's BBQ
2. Bacon Cheddar Biscuits at MB Post
3. Patty Melt at Pann's
4, Burger at The Golden State
5. Brent's BBQ Cod

feel free to add to this list...

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  1. Pork Chop at Sotto.
    Chicken Beckerman at Dan Tana's.
    Sausage Pizza at Barone's
    Steamed Clams at The Galley

        1. re: PeterCC

          Brussels sprouts at Pizzeria Mozza.

          1. re: aching

            Brussels Sprouts at Red Medicine. ;)

            1. re: Searching4Dunny

              I feel a Dish of the Month coming on!

            2. re: PeterCC

              Spicy fried brussels sprouts leaves at Tapenade.

          2. +1 on bacon cheddar biscuits @ MB Post


            - duck carnitas @ Cacao
            - pork @ Kang Hodong Baekjeong
            - lobster @ Newport Seafood
            - (insert dish here) @ Shunji
            - charcuterie @ Waterloo & City

            And some preferred dishes of restaurants already on list:

            - smoked turkey leg > crispy pig head @ Animal
            - banana cream pie > hickoryburger @ Apple Pan
            - pork schnitzel or kasekrainer > pumpkin soup @ BierBeisl
            - beef brisket > beef ribs @ Bludso's BBQ
            - lobster roll > uni & burrata @ Son of a Gun

            1. BBQ Pastrami at Big Mista
              Cracklin Beer Can Chicken at A Frame.
              Black Pastrami Rueben at Brent's
              And the Chicken Pot Pie at Musso & Frank.

              1. Sauteed banana pancakes @ Metro Cafe in Culver City.

                Squid & chorizo @ Tapenade in West LA.

                Pork/squid/cheese okonomiyaki @ Doya Doya in Torrance.


                Sous vide/grilled NY strip @ Picca.

                Scones @ Gjelina Take Away. Please bring back the killer coconut macaroons and banana cream pie.