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Jul 23, 2013 02:07 PM

new BBQ truck in long branch called "up in smoke"

Anyone try it?

I heard about it today from my buddy who saw it as he drove by. it's right near the harley dealership.

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  1. So I had a coworker head over and pick up some food. This place is legit!

    Pulled pork sandwich was stacked up with meat. It wasn't over the top any aspect, which I liked....not too dry, not too saucy, smoky, salty, seasoned etc. It was a well rounded rendition and for 6 bucks (which I think it cost) it was well worth it. I can be kind of picky when it comes to BBQ as I smoke my own meats, but this is a nice addition to the area and I wish them well.

    Some places/cooks just go nuts with too much sauce, seasoning, vinegar etc. This is a solid sandwich at a fair price....not mindblowing but it will be in my rotation for sure.

    And for the grand finale, the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos are TOP NOTCH! You get 3 of these cholesterol bombs in an order and they are seriously delicious. I might actually stop to pick up some on the way home tonight. Definitely try these out...and they are served with some sour cream for added artery clogging greatness.

    The coleslaw portion was tiny and about average taste-wise. I'd like to see a little bigger container. A pickle would be a nice touch too and/or chips. Overall I will be hitting this place often.