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Kay 'N Dave's in the Palisades

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Was walking around Pacific Palisades today (to buy a grill at the hardware store) and saw this quasi-Mexican cafe, Kay 'N Daves. Since I'm now living up there, I'm curious if anyone has any input about it. (Maybe this is a Q only for Dirtywithextra... but it's open to the floor).

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  1. Haven't been to the Palisades one but there's a few scattered about LA. It's a standard chips and margaritas place, food is average, slightly healthier than others. Drinks are slightly above average. Fine for a local spot but wouldn't ever travel to one. Generally very kid friendly as well.

    1. Haven't been in a couple of years but it never quite satisfied an itch for Mexican food.

      1. Been a few years, but kind of like Mereks Tex Mex.

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        1. I go all the time because I'm hooked on their chicken taquitos (comfort food) and their salad with chicken and avocado (and lime dressing). I also like their fajita salad - really satisfying.

          1. Oh dear, no.....run as fast as you can in the other direction..... I just saw this and hope I wasn't too late, lol!

            Personally, I find the food tasteless, bland and unremarkable at best....their faux margaritas are dreadful. Marix Tex Mex is at least decent.

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              Marix hasn't been good (or even halfway decent) in a long time, sadly.

            2. can't talk to the food or to the one at your location.
              but i can talk about the margaritas at the culver city location.
              imho, their maragaritas are head and shoulders above any of the other local joints.
              they sqeeze their lime juice fresh in the restaurant every afternoon--NO jug/pasteurized/frozen crap is used.
              for the best, you should upgrade the tequila, they have a nice tequila selection for you to chose from.
              imho, their prices are low for what they serve.
              i always tell them no sugar syrup in mine.