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Jul 23, 2013 12:46 PM

Seoul: Cake/Macaroons/Chocolate for Birthday

Hi! One of my best friends is in Seoul now and I want to have a cake/macaroons/chocolate/something like that delivered to her house for her birthday. I want to send her something good and price is not an issue - something equivalent to Laduree, Lady M, or Maison du Chocolat. Any suggestions?

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  1. I believe Seoul has Laduree and Payard.

    They also have Dean and Deluca as well as Eric Kayser.

    1. Thanks monica! One more thing... do you or anyone else have any experience with Amedei chocolate? Never had them but they seem to ship to korea.

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        Sorry , I am not familiar with that shop. Why don't you get her a gift basket from Dean and Deluca or a big box of macarons from Laduree if those locations are already there in Korea?

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          Well Laduree would be perfect (I know I mentioned them in my initial post) but do they or the other places you mentioned - Payard or Eric Kayser - ship within the city? I'm not actually in Seoul. im in the US. Was looking for something that can be sent to her house.

      2. My rec (Hans Delica @ Lotte Myeongdong) in response to a similar query earlier this year:

        P.S. - Amedei chocs are the best-tasting I'd ever had - I find them exhorbitantly expensive though.

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          Do you know if Hans Delica does deliveries within Seoul?

        2. Hi vkod3,
          The Lotte Hotel website says that Hans Delica does deliveries within Seoul (order 3 days in advance) with a 20,000 won (+10% tax) charge, but as to whether they will accept orders over phone / email, you should probably check directly with the hotel. Contact here:
          And menu here:

          Laduree doesn't deliver, as far as I can tell neither do the rest. Your other options are Gmarket (but the quality of the cakes etc are in all likelihood not what you're looking for), finding an online merchant that ships internationally (there are many just a google away, including Amedei) or sending something from the US. Personally I would opt for the latter, if you can buy it directly yourself and ship over to her since you have more control over the timing. Most online stores in Korea do not accept non-Korea credit cards. Good luck and happy birthday to your friend.

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            Thanks! Lotte Hotel looks good.

          2. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!

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              Sorry, none of the suggestions I made were helpful!
              I am glad you found a place! I am sure your friend will love it.