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Jul 23, 2013 12:18 PM

Dearborn during Ramadan

I am going to be in Dearborn this weekend. I hear a lot about the middle eastern restaurants in that area, and would like to try one out. However, it is also Ramadan. Knowing that most people will be fasting during the day, and celebrating at night, what time will restaurants and shops open in the evening? It sounds like a great time to explore them, but I don't want to have to stay up till the middle of the night to do so!

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  1. Good question. But, the answer is that most of the places maintain regular hours/menus. Al Ameer, Cedarland, etc.. You'll be fine.

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      Many places do maintain regular hours, but since there's not so much traffic during the day things might not be as fresh. I've been disappointed in shawarma bought before sundown, for example, because it's been sitting there a while. On a typical day they're shaving off strips every 5 minutes, so what you get is very fresh.

      Typically Tuhama's has closed for the entire month of Ramadan. I haven't been by this year to know whether that's still true.

    2. I concur with VTB--all of the well-known eateries keep regular hours. On the plus side, the restaurants are open but much less crowded before sunset during Ramadan. On the minus side, dining before sunset on Warren Ave during Ramadan is less festive than after sunset. It's like dessert tasting in the French Quarter during Lent.

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        Heeheee. By the way, how do you mean "festive" after sunset during Ramadan? I may be missing out on something(??). Granted, I do appreciate watching the kids at Shatilla, thrilled as their sweets are being served up. (FYI-- I'm a Metro D eastsider)

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          Since none of the famous eateries on Warren have liquor licenses, "festive" is a relative term. Dearborn is no New Orleans. But it is indeed nice seeing all the families with all the many kids smiling together.

      2. I was in Dearborn last Sat evening. It was quiet at Cedarlands around 7, but returning to the car after a stroll, it was filling up at 8:30. New Yasmeen is open 24 hrs during Ramadan and I noticed some different items than on past visits: date juice, zaatar croissants. Shatila at 9 p.m. was mostly Christian Arabs.

        I loved walking through the area south of Warren, as people were preparing for the break fast.