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Jul 23, 2013 11:58 AM

FT's "Five of the best: dry gin martinis in London"

From this weekend's Financial Times:

The five are:

Quo Vadis
Hawksmoor Spitalfields
69 Colebrooke Row
Duke's Hotel

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  1. A very good list of good cocktail bars there really, although I've never been to Duke's.

    Rules' upstairs bar is something of a hidden gem now they don't take reservations. Colebrooke Row (and the sister bar at the Zetter Townhouse) are fantastic.

    Much better places than the overly-trendy (read just kind of rude) ECC etc.

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    1. re: ManInTransit

      I'm a big fan of the vodka martini at Dukes -- twas the first I ever tried.

    2. Rules has been the definition of fine London dining since my first visit in 1979. And very forgiving to an ill-dressed Armor officer.

      And a wonderful pink gin.

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      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

        I'm sure Rules is as good as ever, although it should be noted their former head barman (I forget his name), who was widely credited with the recent re-vamp of their cocktail menu, has just moved over to Balthazar, so assume the booze there to be rather splendid as well!