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Jul 23, 2013 10:53 AM

Snacks and drinks around 161 Ludlow?

I'm going to a comedy show at No Fun Bar (Ludlow between Houston and Stanton) and want to meet friends beforehand for some snack-ish foods (like oysters or small plates) and some drinks.

I thought of Tiny Fork or Hill and Dale, but reviews seem mediocre. I'd really like to try Uncle Boons, but it's just too far away. My friends are walking down from around 14&A.

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  1. kuma inn is a few blocks down ludlow and still really good, but it is BYOB.

    taqueria lower east side is reliable, not great, but crowded as heck.

    you can snack at the bar at the grey lady on delancey near allen.

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      Love the reasonably-priced margaritas at TLES.

    2. Check out Black Tree at 131 Orchard.

      Zucco Le French Diner at 188 Orchard. More of a dinner place, but you can have wine or beer and small plates at the bar if you aren't there at the height of dinnertime.

      Pala on Allen just south of Houston would work well too. Yummy flatbread pizzas are perfect to share, along with salads.

      1. Preserve24 or The Ten Bells both have oysters, and the latter is pretty much exclusively small plates.

        1. Schapiro's (new place on Rivington by Essex) has deals on oysters, solid place to hang with a few friends, snack on a few apps or shared plates. Good cocktails, too.

          1. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya is a block away, and their new outdoor beer garden is open now.

            Been meaning to try SakaMai after their NYT review, that could be an option as it is also quite close.