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Jul 23, 2013 10:16 AM

Vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Portsmouth?

I live in Portsmouth but rarely eat out here (I go to Boston) because most restaurants here aren't very vegetarian friendly. To be vegetarian friendly to me, a restaurant has to have more than one veg option on its menu and they have to sound interesting (no steamed vegetables, pasta primavera...)

My dad and stepmom are in town tonight, though, so I'm looking for someplace to take them. Can anybody recommend a good restaurant that is vegetarian friendly? I used to like Radici but it got a little stale.


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    1. re: pilletsh

      Second Street Food. My vegan friends have been there a couple of times, and they highly suggest going there, vegetarian or not.

      1. re: lmwmcintyre

        My wife and I had an excellent sunday brunch at Street the last time we were in town. Next time I'm in the area I want to try more of the menu.

    2. Thanks for those suggestions, but I've been to Street and wouldn't go back. I go to Boston too often to be impressed by its ersatz, overpriced ethnic knockoffs.

      1. My son is vegan and has enjoyed the choices at the Brewery several times. They really try to mix it up instead of just replacing a meat. We've also found the waitstaff conscious and knowledgeable, even let him know that one dish had honey in it and did he want it left out.