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Jul 23, 2013 10:14 AM


I'm not going to write a detailed review on each dish but everything was fantastic. Charcuterie plate was top notch and included; pork terrine, chicken liver mousse, sopressota, mortadella, pancetta.

Roast pork was tender and juicy, gnocchis, rabbit pasta, cavatellis in fontina cheese sauce all hit the spot, octupus salad was OK a bit too much tarragon/mint for my taste.

Tiramisu and gelato sadwiched in a brioche also stood out.

Stefano was running plates and told me that the only things not made in house are the gelatos and bread, so Philippe Mollé is wrong about "sorbets maison" in his review.

Mike Forgione was also there making sure the plates were going out to his liking but not actually in the kitchen. The bill for the three of us came to $200 with tax not including tip for all the above plus 2 drinks, a beer and a glass of wine which I found more than acceptable for the quality of the food.

Compare this to my review for Atelier Argentine which worked out to the exact same per person (no dessert at AA) and you see why I was disappointed with that AArgentine meal.

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  1. Thanks for the report. The gelatos are indeed made outside by Chez Vincenzo in Villeray.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      I havent been to Chez Vincenzo yet, another new neighbourhood treasure to discover:

      There is no shortage of good breads around here either; wonder who does their bread?

      Thanks for the report, JerkPork.

      1. re: lagatta

        iirc the bread is from Le Pain Dans Les Voiles

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          Go to Chez Vincenzo....!! Great quality, creative young owner...this guy deserves our support!!

          1. re: CMT

            I will, promised! It was so cool today that gelato was off the radar, but it will warm up again soon. I'm happy to see this synergy among (micro)local food purveyors. I see that Vincenzo is open from 7 am on weekdays, which is great for people stopping of for coffee and a croissant or cornetto before work.

            The presentation of the gelati really reminds me of Italy:

            1. re: lagatta

              Agreed on the look/setup of the ice cream. Plus they are opened late (I think I saw 11pm), so it favors post dinner gelato. It's definitely on my list too.

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            Sweet, thanks for the info about Vinenzo. I only got to try a spoonful of the gelato at Impasto it was really good but seemed to have more of an ice cream texture than gelato, I will definitely visit the source.

            You are welcome, lagatta.

        2. Thanks for the would you say it compares to the best of Montreal's Italian scene?

          I am coming in for a visit and might fit in some great Italian (especially at lunch) and am thinking of going here.

          From what I have I have understood, Lucca, Le Latini, Venti, Bottega, Primo & Secondo and Da Emma are well considered in Montreal correct?

          How might you compare those or anything else worthwhile I might have left out (please feel free to tell me what those might be)?


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            Bottega is known for their pizzas. Le Latini, IMHO, should not be on any list of well considered restaurants. Used to be top-notch, but that was many many years ago. There's a reason it's not mentioned on this board anymore.

            Others on the list can provide more opinions on the other places you've mentioned, although I would add Graziella and Nora Gray to your list.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              Thanks for the suggestions. I will add those to my list and take a look (and remove Le Latini as well)

            2. re: buonaforchettina

              Venti didn't stand out when I tried it a few months ago, was Forgione gone by then? Da Emma has some unbelievable pasta dishes, excellent pork and lamb roast and is more "old school" Italian than Impasto (their menu is much more extensive than Impasto).

              I think the limited menu says a lot about Impasto. If you care for mood, Impasto is also a way nicer room than the dark dungeon that is Da Emma.

              Bottega specializes in Neapolitan pizza (as mentioned above), I think there are a few other items on their menu.

              I've heard good things about Lucca, Primo/Sec and Nora Gray but never been. Let us know what you decide on.

              1. re: JerkPork

                Thanks for the message...a limited menu is generally a very good thing for an Italian restaurant so I take your meaning.

                I am leaning in the direction of Impasto in any case but I might have space to add one more place and want to be sure of my choices in any event.

                I have a few other questions about these and other spots so I made a new thread rather than hijack this one


            3. Does anyone know if they have a special lunch menu for the Thursday-Friday lunch?

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              1. re: sweettoothMTL

                I can't find it right now but I saw some sort of lunch menu last week on another site or Google images that IIRC included 2 courses. I don't want to quote the price but I'm thinking it said $19.

                Update - found it. If you go to @Sfaita on Twitter you'll find an image of the lunch menu, 2 courses for $19, 3 for $25.

                1. re: JerkPork

                  Found it, thanks. I might give lunch a try then, hopefully, it's less busy than dinner.

              2. Marie-Claude Lortie of La Presse has a long and detailed critique of Impasto today. She really likes it:

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                1. re: lagatta

                  Read MC's review earlier this week, yup her, Chesterman and Le Devoir's Mollé all were impressed.

                  1. re: JerkPork

                    We stopped into Dante Hardware last weekend. Mrs. Porker spotted Impasto and now wants to go.
                    Sooo, La Presse has brand new review, Chesterman and Le Devoir had recent reviews....
                    Guess its gonna be a tough reservation...