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20 egg whites

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I made 2 quarts of lemon curd a couple of days ago. I am going to make Lemon Curd Ice Cream for some friends and myself. Now I have 20 whites in my fridge. Angel Food cake is the obvious answer, we are really not enthusiastic cake eaters. I guess I could make some meringues for pavlova. There are only the 2 of us and 2 dogs. I could cook some to add to my girls dishes, I was hoping someone might have an unusual suggestion.

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  1. You can freeze them.

    1. Here are a couple prior threads asking how to deal with excess egg whites, perhaps offering useful suggestions:


      1. Time to practice your macarons ;)

        1. could make financiers...

          1. Egg white facial--not food but unusual.

            For food, you could do steamed Chinese egg whites with shrimp/various seafood. It's a nice light dish for this time of year.


            1. If your area is half as humid as New York is right now, meringues of any kind will just weep terribly. I'd freeze them for baking in cooler weather.

              1. I'd use it to make some nice, light egg white pasta. Not as rich as the full egg pasta, but you could use it with a delicate pasta sauce, or make a homemade soup with it, too.

                1. A week's worth of egg white chive omelets? A dacquoise? A lot of baked goods brushed in egg white wash for sheen? A low cholesterol egg drop soup? An extra fluffy soufflé? Some exceptionally good consommé, clarified with an egg white raft? A Sacher torte? Maybe a little of each?

                  1. How about a salt crusted whole fish? I think you need to mix egg whites with the salt to form the crust.

                    You could make homemade "Orange Julius's" with them too.