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Jul 23, 2013 10:00 AM

Pittsburgh to FallingWater - anywhere worth stopping?


My husband and I will be visiting from New York very soon
and wondered if there are any unique, unusually, or just plain super-tasty places that you would recommend for this trip.

If anyone can recommend other blogs or sites that might be useful - that would be great too.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Not sure where you are staying but Out of the Fire in Donegal just off the turnpike is good. Helen's @ Seven Springs is good too. If you want real high end and real expensive, Lautrec at Nemacolin Woodlands.
    There is another Frank Lloyd Wright home open about 15 minutes away that you may like, Kentuck Knob.

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    1. re: Effort

      Thanks everyone for the tips!
      I check them out now.

      We are staying at the Omni in Pittsburgh and will be driving from there.

    2. No matter where you chose to eat, I would highly recommend that you stop and visit Nemacolin Woodlands, even if you only take a stroll through. I second the recommendation for Lautrec, but there are also a couple of other casual restaurants in the resort if you aren't looking for an upscale meal.

      1. The Jean Bonnet Tavern is very good. The tavern is located at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 31.

        1. I second the Out of the Fire recommendation. Casual, with a deck looking out over the hills, but reaches much higher culinary levels (at a reasonable price) than you might expect in that location. Its very good and definitely one of a kind. BYO too, which creates a very convivial atmosphere - there is a beer distributor less than a mile E on the same road.. Reserve, its very popular

          1. Thanks for the recommendations for Out of the Fire Cafe. We didn't have a reservation this past Friday, ended up eating at the small chef's counter next to the host stand. Which was fine, you can see the kitchen and cooks, but has a lot of foot traffic. Liked their 5 hour cold smoked ribeye, a special of seared duck breast, and a blackened scallop appetizer. Came back on Saturday, had an OK pork tenderloin with mango slaw (which was really 90% carrots with a little bit of fruit).

            It's right by the turnpike, however, so it really only makes sense on your way to KK/FW or way back from.

            There aren't a lot of restaurants right by Kentuck Knob or Fallingwater, just the ones in Ohiopyle. We tried Falls City Pub. It was fine for some simple fare (salads, burgers, etc).

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              glad you (mostly) enjoyed - we drive through this area several times a year, on our way to Ohio, and I always hope for more and new places to stop. Out of the Fire is by far the best weve tried (and weve tried others), in Somerset and in the valley between Donegal and Somerset over the years. Glissan's down on Old 40 in the Ohiopyle area was good, but I gather its not open any more.