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Jul 23, 2013 09:41 AM

Sauble Beach area?

Any current recs for places on the way too or around Sauble beach? Went to Howell's Fish on the way up to Tobermory last time so definitely would like to stop by there on the way to pick up some fish for dinner on the BBQ (is the white fish available all summer?, anyone have an idea on their hours/etc otherwise I will call). Maybe looking for one spot for a lunch and maybe one spot for a dinner.

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  1. So, there is a brand new food "bus" (i.e. an old double decker bus that is in a stationary spot) on Main Street in Sauble Beach by the Miniput course. The food is great. I had a white fish burritto and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect but I would put it up there with my top burrittos ever (maybe also because I was starving when I had it!). They do tacos as well but the tacos are a bit pricey


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      i'm usually not one to quibble over food prices and i gladly pay the $4-5 a taco at seven lives, but man i can't imagine forking over $20 for a taco combo from a truck in sauble beach. it just sounds like highway robbery

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        Thanks for the report had my eye on that truck. Howells has a website and fb page now, and I've never had an issue getting whitefish in the summer. Ate at the Rockford (on the way out of Owen Sound heading towards Sauble) for the first time this trip, excellent schnitzel and nice host, very tired room that might put some off.