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Jul 23, 2013 09:18 AM

Favorite recipe for preserving plums?

We have a ton...our tree, which is a purple skinned, red fleshed, non-freestone variety (nice flavor, a little too sweet, pain to pit) and an Italian prune tree is coming on. I'm a competent canner and have a dehydrator.

I've made plum jam-surprisingly fabulous, but still have some left so won't make a ton more-plum chutney and Asian plum sauceh-both meh. Tried a pate de fruits with plums and it never set up, so would love a good recipe for something like that. If all else fails, I'll make a bunch of fruit leather and dry the Italian prunes, but was looking for something more interesting this year.

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  1. ANNND plum ketchup, which was good but not fabulous.

    1. I made an Asian-style bbq sauce with plums last summer, and canned it. I'll have to do a lot more of it this year - it disappeared quickly. Maybe you can find a recipe, but I just winged it and tasted.

      Garlic, onion, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, plums. Didn't peel plums - put the whole mess through the food mill after cooking. Needed something to contrast to the sweetness and provide some dimension - hoisin and dijon mustard did the trick.

      1. I made some plum syrup this year when a friend delivered a bucket full of small plums. I just boiled them with sugar, water, a little lemon juice, and cinnamon sticks. It is really good. I have used in in cocktails and with sparkling wine. Also in pan sauces for meats, over vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet. The cinnamon added a nice hint of spice.

        I also made some plum jam with ginger. I froze the rest for when I figure out what else I can do.

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          Ok, so I made 12 jars of plum jam, with a touch of lime juice, and then ran the rest of today's crop through our steamer juicer. Made about 5 quarts of juice and turned a quart of it into some plum syrup-yummy with the Sodastream. Trying to decide if I want to just can the rest of the juice as is or what...

        2. I've enjoyed CHOW recipe's pickled grapes (nice accompaniment for a grilled cheese sandwich, for example)
          and think it would work well with sliced plums too.

          1. Everclear + plums: Voila! Plum liqueur + boozy plums for e. g. over ice cream. Also, plums can be salted (and/or flavored e. g. with a little five-spice powder)and dried.

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              I will 2nd this. Everclear plus just about any fruit is worth trying. My grandpa eschewed the Everclear and used the potent product of his own still. Plums, peaches, watermelons, figs, apples, pears, scuppernongs, strawberries, dewberries, muscadines, quinces, persimmons -there was no fruit that man would not "improve." Good stuff.