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Best Recipe Site

What is your favoraite site for finding and posting recipes?
Chow? Food.com? Allrecipes? Other?
Why do you like it or not?

There are so many now to choose from.

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  1. My faves are epicurious, foodnetwork, allrecipes and yummly.

    1. My favorite are foodgawker, tastespotting, food52, allrecipes as well as Pinterest (I just search for ingredients).

      1. epicurious, cooking light, allrecipes...

        I really dislike the blog aggregators like foodgawker because of the hyperbolic blogspeak..... every damn recipe on there is 'the BEST way to cook X" or "the LAST recipe for Y you'll ever need", yuck

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            Then you'll probably appreciate this recipe that someone posted today. Its billed as "a really decent Caesar salad". No hyperbole there ;D


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                Especially since the person who posted it (in another thread on chowhound) said it was really, really good in her opinion.

          2. Tastespotting.com no one does it better or easier as long as all you wanna do is browse. A picture and refernace to the ultimate blog site

            no search capabilities

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              I think you can search Tastespotting or at least I do.

            2. google.
              I just do a search for ingredients. I know that's not really a recipe site, but that's how I find 'em.

              1. I get more recipes from nytimes.com than from any other site on the web. They have some good food writers: David Tanis, Martha Rose Shulman, Melissa Clark, Sam Sifton (who writes about recipes sometimes despite his current day job), Florence Fabricant, Mark Bittman. But it's not a place to post recipes.

                1. Like Drongo, I probably use more recipes from the NYT in terms of bookmarking (or clipping hard copy) when I read the Times, but rarely use its search function to find recipes when I've got ingredients on-hand or just want a recipe for a particular dish. In the latter case, I tend to go to Epicurious, search this board or start a new post here. And sometimes I just use Google, which may take me to the Foodnetwork or Allrecipes, but I rarely go directly to either of the latter sites to search directly.

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                    If I have some ingredients on hand that I want to use, I go to http://www.recipepuppy.com/ which is is described as an ingredient based recipe search engine.

                    Google also works!

                  2. New York Times Dining & Wine section - recipes arrive with great back stories and interesting credentials. Stories usually lead me to other interesting searches on the web. Full of educational surprises.

                    Edible Communities Publications - if you like seasonal cooking the local publications (which can be had for free in local markets) includes a host of recipes and cooking ideas every issue. I've learned more about food in my state from this publication than any other.

                    Food52-of late. I like the cooking community over there. Smart, collaborative, think outside the (food) box. Fun loving home cooks. http://food52.com/

                    Serious Eats-urban vibe thrives there. Recipes are tested and detailed. Recipes are challenged-which I find very useful. Another fun loving food community.

                    On sheer creativity and experience my 'current' fav food blogger/business owner is:

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                      I go to Serious Eats for the dog pictures. And occasionally for the recipes and for Kenji's food science posts.

                    2. I use foodily.com when I'm doing a general search for inspiration to use ingredients I already have, and allrecipes for the same purpose.
                      I'll go to epicurious.com now and then.
                      Or I'll just do a Google search, like others here.

                      1. I do like chow.com.

                        Also check out saveur.com and food52.com.

                        1. I like Taste of Home. I always seem to repeat those recipes more than others.

                          1. Smitten Kitchen
                            Food Network
                            Cooking Light

                            And do I dare say....Google? When I want quick results for a particular recipe it is faster for me to google and look at the hits then to search thru my bookmarks and/or multiple sites.

                            1. Epicurious and Food Network