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Jul 23, 2013 08:23 AM

Hall of Fame Club - Citizens Bank Ballpark

Hi Philly, My wife and I and 2 boys travel to a city to take in a game and eat at hoppin spots in the city each August, have enlisted chowhounders from san fransisco, seattle, toronto etc help us out along the way in previous travels. I have an opportunity to get tickets to a game in the hall of fame level. of course it a little more expensive than other seats, but am willing to do so if the experience justifies it. Anyone out there have an opinion? Will ask about new/fun places to eat/drink in a future post. Thanks

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  1. It's worth it to me. The seats are very good (and comfy) with lots of foul balls off the first base line. Also, Philly is generally very ht and humid in th summer, so I like to duck into the air-conditioned club (it's all glass, so you don't miss any of the game).

    To keep this food-related: Since access to the HoF Club is restricted to ticket holders, you won't have long lines for concessions (or restrooms); there's a full-service bar in addition to the beer vendors; you can usually snag a table inside the club to eat comfortably.

    I've only been there for Sunday afternoon games and they have always had something special for kids (face painting, popcorn, tastyakes, etc), but this may be specific to Sundays.

    1. I got seats in the Hall of Fame Club when I saw Roger Water's The Wall last summer. Great seats and having the air conditioned club to slip into was a great bonus. Well worth the money. Never been to a game can't speak to that.

      1. Definitely do it - the a/c and shorter lines as gaffk pointed out will make it very worthwhile. If there is a specific concession stand you want that's not in the HoF Club, you can always go out and get it - just bring your ticket stub to get back in! Oh, and the seats will have a good view - they're behind home plate.

        1. thanks everyone; going to do it. will pick your brains about places to eat later, looking at Farm & fisherman (must you make reservation or is there seating available if you go early/late?) also looking at Amada, Jamonera, tinto or Bar ferdinand for tapas one night, any preferences? Maybe Dandelion too.

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            I would always recommend reservations. Also if there are particular items you are interested in they sometimes sell out by the end of the night so beware if you are dining late.

          2. A/C and lack of the unwashed rabble makes HOF worth it. Some of the best food, though, is outside the HOF and worth the trip. HOF club food is kind of crappy...pre assembled cheesesteaks etc.