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Jul 23, 2013 08:08 AM

Quick - Suggestions for this Weekend (July 27-29)

Very last minute trip to celebrate my brother's upcoming nuptials. Just 3 of us in tow (40 yr old guys). Staying at the Venetian. Need dinner Saturday, breakfast/lunch Sunday, dinner Sunday, breakfast Monday. Not looking to put on anything nicer than jeans and a button down shirt for any meal. The groom doesn't drink, so liquor not a major consideration for any of the choices. Can splurge on one meal ($500 all in)...doesn't need to be a steakhouse, but needs to be comfortable for 3 guys. Was thinking LOS for one of the dinners (will have a car) and one of the higher end buffets for breakfast/brunch. All suggestions welcome. TIA!!

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  1. The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan has a daily brunch until 2:00 pm. I'm a fourteen year resident and this is my favorite buffet. A close second is the Bellagio buffet. You may also want to check out Raku for Japanese.

    1. Maybe Carnevino for your nice dinner... it is in the Palazzo.

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        Or CUT...also in the Palazzo. I like the location of CUT better. Carnevino always strikes me as kind of being off in the corner.

      2. A couple of ideas: I love Julian Serrano at the Aria. It's a Spanish tapas place so you guys could order a bunch of stuff and share everything. It's fun, excellent food, and different than your typical app/main/dessert type of menu. I've been here several times and it's always excellent. I also agree with Eric - if you like Japanese, Raku is a revelatory experience - I've been there 4 times and each time it blows my mind. (You'll definitely have to make a reservation ahead of time). For brunch on Sunday, since you are at the Venetian, definitely go to Bouchon. It's just wonderful food in a cool Parisian-bistro style room. No reservations needed. I go here every time I'm in Vegas. It's a nice way to start a Sunday. Last suggestion - I always recommend Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for either lunch or dinner. It's a true french bistro. Reasonable prices and an excellent varied menu. If you can nab a table facing the Bellagio, you can watch the fountains and the street action while you eat.

        1. Had some good eats in a condensed period this weekend. In n Out for lunch upon arrival. Carnevino for dinner was very enjoyable. Started with some really tasty prosciutto and a salad, followed by the beef cheek ravioli (okay, not great) and a second ravioli with a loose egg that ran out as we cut it open (this was excellent). 3 of us shared the bone-in ribeye for two and the pork chop...really nice and flavorful cuts of meat. Followed it all up with several desserts, including a fantastic peanut butter one. Bruch on Sunday at Bellagio buffet where we found ourselves gambling was fine. Dinner at LOS was very good, but we had some service issues and long delays between dishes. Apologies were made, but it definitely detracted from the meal. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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            Thank you for following up. It's always helpful to know what people end up doing, and how it worked out.